10 Good Things

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A post that's more of an exercise than an inspiration. It's about finding beautiful things all around when you start to feel down. There are so many more things to be thankful for. Lists could go on for pages and pages – and maybe that's not such a bad idea either – but for today, here's 10 good things to get the mind pointed in the direction of positivity just in case you need a bit of a lift.

  • Fall Candles - I can almost smell these through the screen. There's nothing like a cool fall night with the windows open and spruce or cinnamon scents wafting throughout the house.
  • Cashmere joggers – I don't personally own a pair, but a girl can dream. These ones look so lush that I don't know if I would ever take them off. I may never own a pair, but I do love to think every now and again about the fact that they do exist.
  • Good coffee - It used to be straight snobbery to like good coffee. Isn't Folgers good enough for you? But for me, if I'm going to drink coffee it's got to be a locally roasted nutty, chocolate-y, berry mix. I'm forever thankful I live in a city with more coffee roasters than I can count.
  • A trip booked - One was cancelled, one never came about, but one was just booked and the thought of a few days at the shore is a dream come true.
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  • Beautiful stationery – When I see a pretty card, well-designed journal or stunning notecard it's a temptation to buy it. Having a box full of beautiful cards and paper goods is one of my greatest joys.
  • Garden produce - All summer long I've been tending and harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, peas, and blueberries and it's been so much fun. And when my own produce run out I've been shopping local and only buying what I need.
  • Time to wander the internet - In-person shopping is out of the question for me right now (maybe not for some) but taking time to wander the shops of the internet has been such a fun experience. And as an Etsy store proprietor I can say with 100% certainty that makers and curators are truly grateful for the business.
  • Books from your childhood – My childhood/teen years were defined by the books I read. I was never without one and with a bit more time on my hands it's been so much fun to rediscover the classics that I haven't picked up since grade school or high school. Currently reading Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix but recently finished Chronicles of Narnia, Little Women, and Anne of Green Gables.
  • A backyard – Stuck at home is so much more enjoyable with an outdoor space all your own.
  • Family – A true no-brainer, but family is one of the best things in life to constantly give thanks for.

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