It is a rare occasion these days for me to put on a full face of makeup. Not just because of staying home and social distancing, but also because who wants to wear foundation in summer? Instead my focus has been a quality skincare routine that I can easily duplicate day after day with quality products that don't contain harmful additives.

A few things I've discovered over the past year or so of focusing on the health of my skin has helped me find good products that actually improve my skin instead of just doing their one job.

  • My skin loves Vitamin E - just plain Vitamin E oil or laced in with other ingredients
  • My skin is actually really dry
  • I don't need a full morning skincare routine
  • A few good products go a long way and help me keep on a consistent skincare track

I discovered Codex Beauty and their travel set at Anthropologie months ago and then just completed a content creation job with them. They kindly sent over some products to try and it's really been lovely testing them out.

Codex Beauty 3
Codex Beauty 1
Codex Beauty 4

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Codex Beauty 2
Codex Beauty 5

The first thing I noticed about the brand was their clean and simple packaging - a big selling point for me - and second, the lack of fragrance in their products.

Typically artificial or strong fragrances are a good indicator if my skin is going to react poorly to that product. The stronger the fragrance, often the worse it performs for me. With a lot of beauty brands claiming a "natural" or "clean" label these days it's hard to know what's true, but after testing out the formulations and learning more on their website, I'm inclined to believe the Codex team.

My 5 Minute Skincare Routine

  • Cleanser – try one from the Codex kit or use your favorite. Just be sure you know it's actually working with your skin not fighting against it
  • Lip Balm – lip oil, chapstick, balm – no matter what you use make sure to keep it with you throughout the day