A Little Garden Update

While this summer is shaping up to be a hot one, there’s nothing like having a backyard to enjoy a bit of summer evening magic in. Although we moved into the Riverwood Cape Home in June last year, we were so busy with renovations, moving, packing, and getting settled that things like landscaping and gardening went by the wayside.

In this post, I shared all about how we created a new raised bed garden in early spring and got it ready for planting with beautiful seeds and darling little plants. Well, those little seeds have sprouted and turned into beautiful, thriving plants that have already started producing food for us to eat.

I wanted to share a little garden update of how I’ve been caring for and cultivating this little space.

Gardening 1
Gardening 5
Gardening 9

Plants I Have Growing

  • Tomatoes – I bought four cherry tomato plants at Lowe’s and they have done so well this year. I was a little worried they were just going to grow big and then not produce any tomatoes but I have hundreds of ripening baby tomatoes!! Every week I do a bit of light pruning of the tomato plants. Any of the branches without fruit or flowers I snip off close to the stalk to allow all the nutrients to spread to the actual fruit instead of just the leaves.
  • Lettuce & Spinach – A library near us has a seed library where anyone with a library card can go and get free seed packets. Lettuce and spinach were one of the seed packets I picked up and for free seeds they have done so well! The lettuce more than the spinach, but I think I just let the spinach go too long without picking.
  • Cucumbers – These seeds are from Row 7, a company I discovered over the winter, and they have produced abundantly. My cucumber plants are definitely out of control in the best way and I keep having to add more support as they grow. There’s no cucumbers yet but so many flowers, so I think they’re coming soon.
Gardening 3
Gardening 7
Gardening 4
  • Beets – just for fun I added like 5 beet seeds into a row to see what would happen and they have definitely taken off. It’s more of an experiment than anything but if I get a few beets from the garden this year to eat I will not complain.
  • Snow Peas – these have been so much fun to watch grow. This was the other seed packet I bought from Row 7 and they came in so beautifully and are currently producing these corrugated purple and green snow peas that I’ve been using in stir-fry dishes and on the grill. Definitely something I will replant next year.
  • Green Onions – I have been harvesting green onions for about 6 weeks now. My mom gave me a whole basket of bulbs and I’ve been harvesting and replanting for green onions to put in and on pretty much every dish. They’re so easy to grow and provide a ton of food!
  • Blueberries – these don’t quite count because the bushes were here when we bought the house, but one we did this year was throw our old coffee grounds on the base of the bushes. I’m not sure if it was that trick or just a good year for growing, but we have SO MANY blueberries now!

What I’ll Do Differently Next Year

First off, build more raised beds! We’ve already been talking about adding 2 more beds next year for extra growing space. Gardening is such a rewarding hobby and since I’m outside every night taking care of one, I might as well take care of multiple beds.

Second is going to be better spacing and sturdier support for the plants. Our tomato cages work just fine but garden stakes and twine are limiting our cucumber and peas. I want to space everything out a little more and work on finding better ways to let the veggies grow to their full potential.

Third, diversify our plantings. I would love to grow carrots, squash, zucchini, and onions as well as more peas, lettuce, and beets.