A Day in Georgetown

This past weekend we were gone on a short trip to Washington D.C. and Williamsburg to visit family and attend a good friend’s graduation from law school. It was a whirlwind trip with lots of driving in between, but since I’ve only been to D.C. once and for only 4 hours at that it was so much fun to spend a few more hours in the city. This trip we spent Saturday morning in Georgetown wandering the streets, checking out coffee shops, bakeries, and some of our favorite stores.

Iced vanilla latte at Grace Street Coffee Co
Soft pretzels at Paul

It was 92 degrees on Saturday and evening in the morning and early afternoon the heat was starting to get to us all. Although it’s been warm in Greenville, it has yet to reach the 90s so I knew going in a total summer wardrobe was going to be necessary for the trip. When the temps reach the 90s all I want to do is dress in the lightest weight fabrics to keep as cool as possible.


I love dresses for the summer, but sometimes when lots of walking and populated streets are involved I feel more comfortable in a skirt, lightweight shirt, and canvas shoes. The other day I was walking through Target (as you do) and came across this skirt from Universal Threads for under $20! Linen is one of my favorite summer fabrics. It’s light, easy to wear, and easy to style. It does wrinkle a fair amount so if you’re very OCD about wrinkles you may want to steer clear, but I love a good pair of pants, skirt, or dress for the warm months.


If you’re looking to add some texture into your wardrobe try branching out into the more natural textures such as linen. I love the versatility of the olive color – one of the hottest shades this season. Pair it with white, stripes, pink, tan, grey, or even olive on olive for a safari-inspired ensemble.