Favorite Rose Skincare Products

Although June is National Rose Month, this beautiful flower deserves accolades all year long not just for its delicate aesthetic but also for its powerful cosmetic benefits. I recently was gifted a product from Mamonde, a rose-based moisturizing water, and made the discovery that without realizing it I had incorporated the sweet flower into almost every step of my evening skincare routine.

Rose 5

The benefits of rose and rosehip oil are tri-fold. The natural properties of the flower are naturally anti-inflammatory. Long known for reducing redness and calming uneven skin tones, rose extract has been a lifesaver for the winter months of hot showers and dry air that tends to leave me with blotchy skin.

It also has astringent and antibacterial properties so oil be gone with the presence of rose in one of your skincare products. And last but not least rose extract is high in Vitamin C and E so it helps stimulate collagen and is extremely moisturizing.

Rose 9
Rose 10

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t realize I was using rose-based products until just recently. My daily face wash I picked up for its natural ingredients and softening/calming properties and have been using it religiously ever since.

I actually have gotten into the routine of only cleansing my face at night in order to keep my skin from drying out – and it has worked wonders!

Next, I swab a small amount of the Mamonde Rose Hydrating Beauty Water over fresh, clean skin for a little hydration boost. In the evenings I like to walk away from the sink at this point and let the product truly sink into my skin before adding the next step which is the Julep Reparative Rosehip Seed oil.

I often use this in place of a moisturizer and since I don’t have worry about adding makeup right after I tend to apply this product liberally, massaging it into my face and neck.

Rose 3

Right before bed, I’m obsessed with applying some lip balm. I was given this minted rose lip balm as a gift in college – so like 6 years ago – and it doesn’t even look like I’ve used it. A wonderfully long-lasting product.

What rose-based products are you loving?