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The past few weeks/months for small businesses has brought about a flurry of changes and adaptations in order to remain visible and profitable. Although some heartbreaking tales have emerged of small businesses that have shut their doors, triumphant stories of success and community have been so lovely to witness.

Today, I wanted to help highlight a few small businesses that I am personally rooting for and absolutely love in order to widen your perspective and give you some inspiration on how and where to shop small.

If you’re looking for a business with a heart

Basha is more than a boutique in Bangladesh, it’s a safe haven and workplace for victims of human trafficking and at-risk women. Their products are beautifully handcrafted and made by skilled artisans.

Shop everything from quilts to pillow covers in rich colors and prints on the Open River Imports website. You can also read the stories and see videos from the Basha facilities.

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If you’re looking for German engineered, USA-made kitchen accessories

Look no further than Baverican – a family run business that just launched May 1st! *image shot by my husband for the brand’s exclusive use and found on their website

Baverican manufactures and sells beautifully crafted appliance caddies to easily store and move heavy appliances like your Kitchen Aid mixer.

I have had their Corner Counterfloat on my counter since last year and it’s been a game changer for how my Kitchen Aid fits and works on my countertop.

Shop their product line and learn more about their beautiful business!

Screen Shot 2020 05 11 at 9 08 27 AM

If you’re looking for high quality, feminine jewelry designs

Grace + Hudson is known for their fairly-priced, quality jewelry that is the perfect accessory for any occasion. I’ve been following maker and owner Stacy for a few years now and have been so excited to see her Charleston-based business flourish. Her designs are unique with a delicate, feminine look – perfect for weddings and other special occasions.

She is just about to open a brick and mortar store in Charleston just off King Street and I’m dying to go see it in person! *photos of the products seen in this blog post have been pulled from the grace + hudson Instagram account

Screen Shot 2020 05 10 at 1 59 39 PM

If you’re looking for elegant scrunchies for women of all ages

Ready for a bit of a shameless plug? My own small business, Wallflower, just launched and the positive response I’ve received is a beautiful thing.

Wallflower is a collaboration between myself (business + marketing) and my mom (designer and seamstress) to provide well-priced, elegant scrunchies and hair accessories. What started out as an idea last summer has now become reality and each of the products are sourced from US-made materials and hand sewn in Greenville, SC.

We launched on Etsy with our Classic Collection but are so excited to debut a Sustainable Collection in the next few weeks.

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Wallflower 1 2
Wallflower 2
Wallflower 1

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