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A Quality Wardrobe Essential

Three years ago I discovered the concept of a Capsule Closet. Minimal Wardrobe. Neutral Palette. Classic Style. I don't know what had come over me. It must have been a wholehearted, dissatisfaction with the current trends of the time – metallic and neon if I remember correctly.

I remember feeling stuck in a style that wasn't my own. It's a fairly inconsequential thing, in the grand scope of life, but in my career choice as a life + style blogger who's supposed to follow the trends, right?, I felt tied to something I didn't actually support. That's when, thanks to Pinterest meanderings, I fell into the world of capsules and classics and quality.

My style has changed significantly, but slowly, since then. I make an effort to buy high-quality, strive for a beautiful less over endless options, but still indulge in an H&M or Zara order now and again.

And since that moment three years ago I've seen a bit of a shift in culture and brands too. More and more conscious, ethical, organic, and USA-made garment brands are popping up and today's post is a celebration of a new-to-me brand that graciously gifted me an item from their collection that's about as classic as you can get: a plain white tee.

Today's Post Covers:

  • An Intro to Graceful District
  • A Garment Review
  • My honest thoughts on buying quality tees

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An Introduction to Graceful District

First of all, if you get a chance take a moment and read the Our Story section of their website. I very rarely care about a brand enough to read how they started, but this brand is different, their ethos is different. And they're still a small company so I actually believe their words hold value instead of just good copywriting.

Based in LA, Graceful District in their own words is "committed to only working with eco-friendly fabrics and small batch manufacturing that protects our planet and minimizes our environmental impact."

So far so good.

They also have a focus on simplicity, creating foundational pieces of a wardrobe, and strive for producing a high quality garment.

I believe they got their start last year, so as a new brand they're already on an impressive track.

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Crew Neck Curved Hem Tee Quick Facts


  • Sizing:
    • I sized up to a Medium because I don't like fitted tees
    • Order your normal size if you want it to be tailored
  • Fabric:
    • So soft!
    • The white is slightly see-through
    • 100% organic cotton
  • Colors:
    • Comes in 6 beautiful colors – black, white, clay, ink, port, sage
  • Price:
    • $40 per tee / *sign up for their emails for free shipping on your first order

It should come at no surprise that I think one of the building blocks of a wardrobe you love - even a brightly colored, on-trend wardrobe – is a plain white tee.

Sure you could buy a three pack of pseudo-cotton tees for $8 at Wal-Mart, but if you're looking for a well-fitted, easy to wear, always there for you shirt this one is it.

As we move into spring I'm so excited to pull this out with shorts, skirts, linen pants, sandals, or even over dresses.

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So, why buy quality tees?

I know expensive t-shirts are a fairly polarizing topic. I have my fair share of $40-$60 dollar tees, but also just added a black and white set from H&M to my wardrobe for $6 a piece.

But because I own both, I feel like I can talk frankly about their differences. An expensive tee, like the one from Graceful District, will always last longer. It's made from fibers that are meant to stand up to the test of time. Washing time and time again won't stretch out the neck or shrink the body. It's meant to be worn and loved.

Also, a quality tee is going to retain it's color long after a $6 cotton tee shirt will, especially if you get a dyed color like black or navy.

And, from my experience, garments from places like Graceful District, that sit at a slightly higher price point are always going to fit you correctly. They'll actually probably fit you better as time goes on and the fabric softens a bit.

I'm not advocating you throw out all your Fruit of the Loom tees, but the next time you want to replace one of your college tees with a grownup version, remember to check out Graceful District.