A September Reset

"All at once, summer collapsed into fall. -Oscar Wilde"

Tomorrow marks the unofficial start of fall. September 1st might as well be October 30th, right? Cue the flannels and knits and apples and pumpkins.

I've always always loved September. It's never quite as chilly as I'd like for it to be down here in the South, but it's a mood shift that's so necessary after the long, hot days of summer. I was born in September, got married in September, and Lee and I always go on a big trip in September. See, it's just the loveliest month.

It also feels like such an organic time to reset. To shake off the summer slumps and laziness that only the heat can instigate and take hold of the rest of the year with renewed fervor.

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Today, I want to share a list of reset actions that will help you clear out the clutter, shake off the cobwebs, and get prepared to start a brand new month and season with a few thoughtful actions.

Keep reading to discover:

  • The benefit of resetting before the start of a month or season
  • Steps to Take to Reset
  • September Reset checklist
  • A Sharable Checklist to inspire others

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Countless studies have shown that a clean, organized space (or the items in that space) leads to higher levels of creative output. Basically our brains relax when clutter is picked up, goals are laid out, routines are set, and back burner tasks are completed.

This is something I can personally vouch for. If my office is a wreck from shoots and packages and orders, I'm constantly distracted, jumping from task to task without accomplishing anything. Likewise if I'm not clear on my daily goals and to-do lists I lose my focus so quickly.

Taking the time to clear the clutter from your physical space and brain space will leave you with so much more productive brain power to put towards your daily tasks.

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Steps to Take To Reset

While I have created a checklist below of my reset tasks, I think this is going to look different for everyone. Not everyone owns a home, for example. You might be a college student, living at home, sharing an apartment, or living out of a van, so vacuuming might look very different or not matter to you at all.

Take a moment and jot down a list of things that if you had unlimited time and energy you'd accomplish in your life. These aren't goals like: climb Mt. Everest, but rather simple tasks that you know you need to do or at least you've wanted to do for a while.

Next, you're going to need to carve out some time to accomplish those tasks. It might just be an hour, or 30 minutes. It might be a full day of reset - but setting aside that time to accomplish your reset is almost one of the biggest steps.

Check those items off your list once you accomplish them for a bit of extra serotonin and to keep you on track. Try not to veer far from your list or else you won't get a good sense of what you've actually accomplished.

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September Reset Checklist


  • Wash the sheets, duvet, & pillow covers
  • Vacuum blinds
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Tidy up office
  • Finish pulling down fall decor
  • Buy a new candle

Beauty / Wellness

  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Do a face mask
  • Make rice wash for my hair and do a hair mask


  • Organize dresser drawers
  • Wash and store my true summer clothes and shoes


  • Create list of healthy meals that sound good for early fall dinners

Goals/ Lists

  • Write down your goals for the month
  • Create a calendar with your meetings, to-do, events, and functions for the month
  • Write top four priorities for the month
  • Create a daily paper to-do list template
  • Update your computer and phone background

The checklists below are a jumping off spot for you. Feel free to download and use or share on social media to inspire others.

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