At Home with Floyd

Like everyone, over the past few months we've spent more time at home than ever before – and I work from home. I've found myself enjoying 10pm bedtimes, focusing on what will elevate the spaces in our home, and sorting through home goods we've been holding on to since college years.

Elevating our master bedroom has been on the to-do list for some time now. Pretty much every room in our house has been touched by renovation, but our upstairs living space is far from finished. The master bedroom is supposed to be on the first floor, but we loved the slanted ceilings and space upstairs so we ripped up the carpet, put down wood floors and moved the bed up there. Since then we've made very few changes and last month we wanted that all to change.

I'm going to be sharing a total and complete Master Bedroom overhaul post in the coming weeks, but today I wanted to share a very key player in making our room feel complete – the Floyd Home Side Tables.

Thank you to Floyd for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.
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Floyd Home 1
Floyd Home 7

Getting to Know the Brand

I think it's safe we've been following Floyd's journey for some time now. It's at least been 3 years of applauding their success on creating beautifully crafted, simple and elegant furniture. Based in Detroit, Floyd's design ethos is vastly different than that of other furniture brands.

"Floyd began because we were tired of disposable furniture.So we set out to design products of lasting quality for how people live today."

They place a heavy emphasis on "design is for all", touting the accessibility of well-designed, high quality furniture – something that has been missing from the retail space. Every piece is made with a modular design, they might have even had me in mind when they created their assembly system because it's a far cry from confusing 47 part instruction manuals of other brands.
Floyd Home 3
Floyd Home 8

Walking Through the Products

Floyd first became known for their Bed thanks in part to Instagram. And it is a beautiful, clean and simple designed bed with a fair price tag. From there they expanded their product line to include pieces like The Sofa, The Shelf, and The Side Tables.

We knew we wanted side tables that were streamlined and uncluttered. I've found that the more nooks and crannies there are, the more I fill them with things. I wanted our bedroom and bedside space to be free from clutter so the Side Tables provided the perfect surface space to hold the few necessities.

The Set Up

I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to assembling furniture because I never have the right tools on hand, and always think I'm better at following directions than I actually am.

Let me tell you, the Floyd Side Tables BLEW ME AWAY with how easy the set up was.

Floyd Home 1 2
Floyd Home 2 2
Floyd Home 4 2
Floyd Home 3 2

It took maybe 5 minutes. MAYBE. And that included getting the well-wrapped box open. Per side table there are 3 metal legs, 6 screws, and one table top.

Assembly is as easy as lining up the table top holes with the leg holes and using your hands to tighten the screws (that are actually more like little knobs).

Anyone could put this together. And the crazy thing, that's how all their furniture comes - bed, sofa, shelving units... all easy to assemble and so well designed.

Floyd Home 9

You're the Designer

The online shopping experience with Floyd is really lovely as a whole. Speaking about the Side Tables specifically, you're able to customize them to some extent with different colored tops and legs to match your aesthetic.

My Side Tables

Size: Small (15") | Top: Birch | Legs: White

Shop the Side Tables

The blush and white Side Table looks absolutely darling! I'm thinking about getting that one for my office but it would look so pretty in a more feminine bedroom as well.
Floyd Home 5
Floyd Home 2

Discover the Floyd Website

If you're in the market for new furniture or are moving soon and want to upgrade your particle board pieces, I would 100% suggest giving Floyd a look around. The quality is really beautiful, the pieces are versatile both in design and also in functionality, and their prices are fair for such high quality pieces.

I spent a good amount of time on the website before ordering the pieces and loved discovering things like their blog, where their pieces can be found, and even some AirB&B's they've partnered with.

Let me know if you own a piece from Floyd or if you need help creating your perfect piece of furniture!