Backyard Date Night Essentials

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Date nights are looking a little different these days. Long summer evenings are spent at home with meals on the grill or slow roasted in the oven and sweatshirts are worn a little bit more. But every now and again we have the motivation to really do something a bit different. Once the sun sinks below the backyard trees we gather blankets and pillows, candles and baskets of fruit and cheese and head outside for a summer picnic.

Something fizzy is always on the menu along with crunchy bits and savory morsels. We'll spend the evening (or as long as we can stand the heat) hanging outside within the comfort of our own backyard. I wanted to share a few special items that can really take a date night picnic to the next level – whether you're in a park or on your patio; with a new friend or a long-time partner.

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1. Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Golden hour and onward is the best time to plan for. You want the heat of the sun to fade and the golden evening hours to be the ones to remember. Bring a large blanket or a few small ones to spread out over the grass. Anything soft is perfect to keep you from little bug bites and grass cuts. If possible set out a few candles and make them citronella ones. Citronella candles mostly smell good and you'll be able to keep most of the pesky bugs at bay.

For a little more comfort grab a throw pillow or two (preferably ones with removable pillow covers in case they get dirty) and place them around the edges of your blanket. You'll have a cozy scene in no time that will be immensely comfortable all evening long.

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2. Think about the Details

If you're bringing food along or even setting up your picnic for after dinner you'll want to keep things fresh. Let me introduce you to a new to me product that now has a firm place in my everyday essentials bag and date night checklist: LISTERINE® Ready! Tabs™ Chewable Tablets in Soft Mint.

They're the perfect way to keep fresh on the go, even if your version of "on the go" is just a visit to your backyard. These LISTERINE® Ready! Tabs™ Chewable Tablets in Soft Mint transform from a solid to liquid in just a few seconds and truly leave your mouth and breath as clean and fresh as if you just brushed. They're easy to carry with you since it means you don't have to carry around a bottle of liquid and are sugar-free, zero alcohol, gluten free, vegan, and kosher​.

All you have to do is pop one in, chew for a second, swish and swallow, no spitting required. Honestly, they're genius for date nights to keep your mouth fresh without brushing, chewing gum, or bringing along mouthwash. And as an added bonus they'll keep your breath fresh for 4 hours. Swish smarter, not harder.

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3. Don't Forget the Food

No picnic date night is complete with food or drink at the very least. The best picnic snacks are the ones that you can eat without fear of spilling, dripping, or dropping. Think bread and cheese. Cucumbers and olives. Avoid tomatoes and strawberries if you're wearing a white dress!

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4. Go all Out with Your Clothing Choices

This is a date after all, even if it's just in your backyard. Require date night appropriate clothing that's lightweight and breathable (just because the sun is down doesn't mean it's still not 90 degrees outside!) Fabrics like linen and gauze are perfect for a late summer outside event and loose fitting dresses will keep you much cooler than denim ever will!

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5. Load it all Up in Some Vintage Baskets

Blankets and tablecloths, cheeseboards and your LISTERINE® Ready! Tabs™ Chewable Tablets all fit into some delightfully vintage baskets and the rest can load up in a crate or wagon for easy transportation to and from your ideal location.

Finish up your evening with a swish that's smarter not harder and LISTERINE® Ready! Tabs™ Chewable Tablet to help either curb mask breath (if you've been wearing one on your date) or hide the remnants of your picnic.

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