Bahamian Blue + Cruise Vlog

Recently, the Some Pretty Thing family celebrated a year’s worth of Christmases, Birthdays, and Anniversaries with a Disney cruise. For obvious reasons we absolutely love cruising with Disney and all three of our family cruises thus far have been on the Disney boats. Each time we’ve been we have a pretty similar itinerary – sail out of Florida’s Port Canaveral, one stop in Nassau, Bahamas and one stop on Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.

Nassau 5
Nassau 14

First and foremost this was a family vacation so for a rare few days Lee and I *mostly* put down the cameras and focused on spending time with each other. We did, however, try our hand at vlogging and I have to say I absolutely LOVED it. You may not know but I actually got my undergrad degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting. Starting school I had my eye on the prize: being an anchor on the Today Show, but as the college years passed I realized that was not quite where my passion was anymore. But vlogging, well that is honestly a culmination of everything I learned in school + my years of watching YouTubers share their lives with a digital audience.

Although I’m no pro – just wait, you’ll see! – I love the fact that now we have a video of these precious times and moments and memories (kinda like an updated version of home movies. Just one for the world to see).

Nassau 24

Our second day cruising we made a stop in Nassau, Bahamas, a colorful oasis filled with shopping, adventures, and the famous Atlantis hotel. Lee and I hopped off the boat for a bit to wander the tropical streets and grab some photos for our one and only photoshoot of the trip. Becuase it was my third time on the island I knew we needed to grab a few pictures by the historic Public Library – an octagonal pink building that’s been on the island since 1837.

Nassau 20

From there we strolled past Parliment Square (another conglomeration of pink buildings) and up Frederick Street until we ran into St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk, a beautiful whitewashed church with a courtyard filled with tropical vegetation – the perfect place to grab a few more quick shots before heading back to the boat for an afternoon by the pool and an evening eating, talking, laughing, and relaxing.

Nassau 25