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Closing Out the Summer Season

With a new season slowly approaching - slower in South Carolina than elsewhere - it's always a good time for some reflection and appreciation on what's passed. If I'm being honest, my mental state vacillated between survive and thrive all summer long.

I feel a bit like I've been bulldozed this year - for no particular reason, mostly just a lot of my own mental doing. I've been grappling with mental health and anxiety all year long and while I know it's not a short process there are setbacks that have me in tears and mental breakdowns for days on end.

So that's been my summer. There have been wonderful moments, of course. Long walks in the evenings with my husband, time at the pool with my mom and friends, excellent food, the excitement of planning a trip to England, hours spent between the pages of books, lots of house projects. And those things will definitely outweigh the times I spent in the shower sobbing, but I don't think I'd be honest with myself if, on reflecting on this summer, I said it was particularly easy or low-key.

I think there are seasons for that though. Everyone goes through their own personal struggles and they look different for different people. Mine have come as a deluge - ruthless and swift.

But in looking forward to the next month, the next season, it's bound to be a precious one - with lessons learned, beautiful weather to revel in, cozy evenings, campfires, fall clothes, hearty and warming foods.

In an effort to share some positivity along with honesty, I wanted to share some things I'm looking forward to in the upcoming season.

Fall Clothing!

Some new dresses for fall like this darling floral Sezane piece included in their archives and this $34 H&M denim dress are pieces I plan to wear on repeat this upcoming season.

Oh the sweaters there will be!

Some of my favorites I can't wait to pull out are

I don't really need to embrace or invest in the fall trends, but the one trend I have been loving for the season are clogs.

These from Madewell would be so versatile and cute!

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Fall TV Shows & Movies

While most people focus on Halloween classics during the fall season, I can't do too much with that holiday because I don't scary very well. But there are a few fall favorites I love to pull out that match the mood of the season.

Gilmore Girls - goes without saying! I could watch this show any time of the year, but there's something special about Stars Hollow in the fall.

You've Got Mail – Kathleen Kelly in plaid and wool? Nothing more iconic.

Sleepless in Seattle – Another classic that spans all the seasons, but there's something cozy about it in the fall.

When Harry Met Sally – Truly a must watch during the fall. Mostly because the fall fashion in that movie is what designers still try to replicate.

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Fall Bucket List

For every new season there should always be a list of wonderful and exciting things to do.

Every fall always seems like it's full of exciting adventures - from apple picking to hiking.

Embracing autumn

So no matter if you're holding on to summer reluctant to let it go or if you're eagerly anticipating the fall season, this is your reminder (and mine) to find the joy in every season. No matter if that's the seasons of the weather changing outside your window or seasons of hardship, there is joy to be found and it should be celebrated and embraced.

Happy September!