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Cozy House Shoes for Every Season

My family was never the type to enforce the "no shoes in the house" policy. During the summer we were barefoot in the backyard and had to wash our feet in the garden hose before coming in and during the winter the snow boots came off in the garage.

In my own house, I don't know if I've ever thought about taking off my "street shoes" and replacing them with a house shoe - at least not within the first few seconds of entering the house. Not until receiving a luxurious pair of all season house shoes from Stegmann.

This post was sponsored by Stegmann Clogs all opinions are my own.
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What Is a House Shoe?

As far as I can tell (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), the concept of a house shoe dates back to 5th century China but has a more modern approach in Japanese culture. In a gesture of hospitality and cleanliness, the house shoe came about as a way to keep the dirt of the outside away from the pristine floors, furniture and food of Japanese households. Outside shoes would be discarded at an entryway and lined up, ready for guests and owners alike, would be a house shoe – much like a slipper – to be worn exclusively indoors.

Traditionally, the house shoe would be made from leather, but these days anything from fleece to wool will do the trick.

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Introducing Stegmann's Clogs

Since 1888, Austrian-based shoe company, Stegmann have been crafting the perfect wool shoes that push the boundaries of sustainability and comfort. Actually, they were working with local Austrian farmers to preserve rare breeds of sheep and create a sustainable supply chain before it was even a buzzword.

Now, their wool shoes are sold all over the world and are synonymous with comfort and craftsmanship. With both a men's and women's line of clogs, sandals, shoes and boots, they have something for everyone.

My Stegmann Clogs Quick Facts

  • Style: Women's EcoWool Clog
  • Color: Shetland
  • Size: Size 6 (the smallest they go) they do run a bit large, but a pair of cozy socks fill out the space nicely
  • Material: special heritage wool sourced from small farms practicing sustainable and cruelty-free farming. It's also free from dyes.
  • Cork soles make them extremely comfortable to stand, cook, walk, and lounge in


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Styling My EcoWool Clogs

Although made for every adventure under the sun, I think I've decided to preserve the beauty of the shoe and keep them as my house shoe. They're absolutely perfect to support my back while I'm standing on our hardwood floors and since they're a slip-on style they're exceptionally easy to transition to after being out and about.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if I forget they're on my feet and head outside with them for a fall campfire, a summer trip to the bookstore or a quick errand to the farmers market for fresh peaches and tomatoes.

Three different outfits to wear them with came to mind last week and I created a Reel that you can watch here to see my bad attempt at outfit transition, but more importantly how versatile the shoes can be!

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A Few Other Favorites From Stegmann

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Thank you to the Stegmann team for sponsoring this post. All opinions and reviews are my own and I'm so glad to support companies with products I truly love and believe in.