Updated Living Room Decor with Wayfair

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Well, our living room project is coming to an end after a few months of hard work and focus. If you're not up to speed with the transformation, you can check out this post and this post, but I have yet to post the final reveal - coming soon!

During the process of recreating our living space there were a few missing pieces of furniture and decor that were needed to truly transform the space. And that's where Wayfair came in.

With Wayfair's incredible selection of home decor and furniture we were able to find exactly what we were looking for at a great price.

In today's post, I want to walk through a few key pieces that we purchased from Wayfair that made our space feel so much more cohesive.

Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.
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Wayfair Living Room 4
Wayfair Living Room 5

Immediately After the Front Door

From the moment we moved in we plunked a record player console in the entryway and for 2 years it stayed that way. It was fine. A bit heavy and chunky for the space, but functional for sure.

When we started rethinking our living room, part of the plan was to replace the entryway table. We needed something a little skinnier. Something that blocked less of our air return, and something to tie in the black from the kitchen. Wayfair had a lot of great options, but ultimately we choose the Mercury Row 42" Steel Console Table in black. It's sleek and minimal without being cold.

As a decor accent, to warm it up a bit, these incredibly realistic olive branches did just the trick.

There's still a bit more styling work to do, but that's the goal, isn't it? Try something until it fits your vision and then keep tweaking.

Wayfair Living Room 1
Wayfair Living Room 3
Wayfair Living Room 2

Sitting Around the Fire

One thing we knew was missing from our seating arrangement was the addition of end tables. We don't have a very large space for seating, but with a sectional style couch and two chairs a coffee table is hard to reach for everyone sitting around with cups of coffee.

We were on the hunt for two walnut mid-century end tables when we checked Wayfair and found two perfect ones just waiting for us. The George Oliver Kamile 3 Legs End Tables in Walnut met all our criteria and when they finally arrived it was a simple 3 step process to assemble and instant coziness. It looks those exact end tables are sold out, but we were also eyeing these end tables as a good alternative.

Building out the Shelves

So, the thing about our bookshelves is they are massive. Ten shelves in total with spans of almost 5 feet. Do you know how many books it would take to completely fill the shelves. Well, more books than we currently have (but we're working on it!)

In the meantime we knew we needed some elements to fill some negative space on the shelves. And picture frames are the perfect way to add some personality and take up space.

I snagged 2 of these photo frames - they're currently on sale for $11 right now! – and immediately filled them with photos from our wedding day.

Wayfair Living Room 7

If you're filling up a house, apartment, searching for something specific or even need a gift for a loved one, I'm realizing more and more Wayfair is the place to go to find your favorite styles and pieces that are affordable and ship quickly.