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Creating Late Summer & Early Fall Outfits

It never feels like fall in South Carolina until well into September, sometimes October, but when the temperatures dip and the leaves change, there's nothing quite like it.

With summer being my least favorite season I tend to jump the gun when it comes to planning fall outfits, buying fall clothes, and even pulling out my yellow leaves and pumpkins for around the house ( shhhhh, don't tell!) Sure it might be 93 and sunny today, but inside I can pretend it's mid-October.

But because of the lingering heat, early fall outfits are the worst to plan for. I'm itching to pull out boots and cardigans and jackets but can't quite yet. And with most of the country feeling the late August heat as well, I wanted to share a few items I've bought for fall, how to style my summer wardrobe with a fall aesthetic, and some early fall outfit ideas when you just can't bear to wear summer clothes any longer.

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  • Past Late Summer/Early Fall Outfits
  • How to Add a Fall Aesthetic to Your Summer Outfits
  • My Favorite Early Fall Outfit Combinations
  • What Pieces I've Bought In Anticipation for Fall

Late Summer Early Fall Outfit Ideas

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How to Add a Fall Aesthetic to Summer Outfits

The best trick I've learned for coping with late summer heat when I'm dying to wear cardigans is to incorporate the color palette of fall into my summer clothes. Muted hues, warm tones, and neutrals take a summer outfit into a fall one without sacrificing your internal temperature.

Remember to keep the color palette within your comfort zone of color. For me, light pink is too similar to my skin tone so I stick to more of a mauve if I'm wearing pink.

May people can't wear the tonal, burnt orange color that is popular around fall time, so find what colors work with your complexion and work them into your late summer outfits.

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Accessories are another amazing way to add in fall colors while it's still 90s outside. A hair scarf here or a scrunchie there can add a touch of fall to your outfit.

Over on Etsy, my scrunchie and hair accessory brand Wallflower is starting to launch a few new pre-fall collections you might want to discover for elegant early fall accessories.

Early Fall Outfit Combinations

White Tank + Denim Jacket + Black Shorts + Brown Mules + Hair Scarf

  • Brown Mules – From Nisolo - use EMILYJLEWANDOWSKI for a discount on your order!
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Orange Blouse + Dark Wash Denim + Birkenstocks + Mini Backpack

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My Fall Purchases

While I'm not one to update my wardrobe every time the seasons change, there were a few items that needed replacing and updating for the fall and specifically for a vacation we have upcoming to Maine.

I took quite a bit of time deciding on what to purchase, what I actually needed and where I wanted to purchase the items and I am extremely happy with my decisions.

Item One | Alex Mill Button Back Crewneck Sweater

What's not to love about Alex Mill? Known for their timeless designs and high quality, the brand grew from making one really good shirt to a whole collection. I've wanted a sweater from them for years now and this one is so good.

Item Two | Sezane Leontine Jumper in Indigo Stripe

This item became iconic overnight when Sezane launched it. It was sold out for the longest time, but now it's part of their essentials collection and is the perfect weight of a sweater for fall in the South. Beautiful quality and timeless silouette.

Item Three | Barbour Jacket

I needed a waterproof, hiking/rain coat for everyday wear and for years the Barbour brand has stood out to me as the golden standard of waxed, waterproof country coats. Before our England trip last year I pulled the trigger on one and it's one of the most cherished items in my wardrobe.

Item Four | Alice and Whittles Weekend Boots

When I was looking for all purpose hiking/walking boots for Maine and the fall/winter Alice + Whittles kept popping up. Reading reviews had me hooked and when they arrived from Portugal they truly blew me away. Never have I ever found a comfier boot. I can't wait to truly put them to the test in Maine.