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30x30 Home Recap

If you happen to follow me over on Instagram, you'll know that I have been posting a new series on Reels called 30x30.

30 days before turning 30 I've tasked myself with producing 30 Reels sharing 30 products I love and cannot live without. To make it a little more cohesive, I broke it up into three different sections with 10 Reels each – Home, Beauty/Wellness, and Fashion.

Yesterday I finished up the Home section and I thought it would be nice to share a roundup here on the blog of each section with a bit more explanation of why I love the products.

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ONE | The Laundress

I talk often about my love of The Laundress, a plant-based, dye-free, clean detergent brand that make the best smelling products. I don't mind laundry as a chore, but using specialty detergents that make clothes and household items smell incredible makes it even more enjoyable.

I consistently use a few different Laundress products:

TWO | Hasami Porcelain Mugs

We discovered this brand of Japanese porcelain mugs a few years ago and have slowly started adding their products into our kitchen – we also have their olive oil bottle.

They're a lovely quality and texture and, while a bit expensive for a coffee mug, completely worth it. We normally purchase them on SSense.

THREE | Lavender Sink Scrub

This is actually a DIY recipe that mom has been making for me for the last couple years. It's beautifully scented, nonabrasive and cleans out any type of skin so well. Store it in an airtight glass jar next to your sink and use once per week for a deep clean.

Recipe below

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FOUR | Appointed Planner

Sometimes you just find those items for organization that exactly fit with your life needs. I took a chance on the Appointed Planner but it has been the perfect place for me to get my life organized.

I bought the Task Planner in Linen and it's beautiful.

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FIVE | Barebones Tools

If you're in the market for intentionally made, beautifully crafted outdoor items, garden tools, campfire accessories and homewares, Barebones Living is the website to droll over.

They make beautiful items at a very reasonable price point. I've bought some items for Lee over the years and last year bought myself a very versatile garden accessory - the Small Walnut Garden Scissors.

They're perfect for clipping and snipping and foraging arrangements or just cleaning up tomato plants or stubborn zucchini.

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SIX | Ratio Coffee Maker

This product is definitely not for everyone with it's high price tag, but for us - lovers of very good coffee, aesthetics, an efficiency, it was well worth the splurge. We bought the Ratio as a Christmas gift to ourselves last year and it was so backordered it didn't come until April. But now that we have it we use it daily!

It truly is beautiful, makes a wonderful cup of coffee and is an item we don't mind sitting out on the counter.

SEVEN | Silk Pillowcases

I've been sleeping on silk pillowcases for years now. Obviously I've replaced them over the years but it's a little luxury I cannot live without now. There's immense benefits for your hair and skin health if you sleep on them consistently and I love that stay cool for a long time in the middle of the summer.

Most of my favorite silk pillowcases I've bought off Amazon and my biggest tip would be making sure you're actually getting a 100% silk product. If it's a $20 silk pillowcase it's very likely not 100% silk.

This one and this one are my favorite.

EIGHT | Frame TV by Samsung

You can read the full review of our Samsung Frame TV here if you want a more detailed explanation, but basically this TV is made to look like a piece of art hanging on your wall instead of a big black box.

Our tv is pretty prominent in our house - like most people's is - and I didn't want your attention to be drawn only to a TV. We bought our Frame TV 2 or 3 years ago and absolutely love it. I don't know much about TV specs, but it's a really high quality picture in addition to looking like a piece of art.

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NINE | Always Pan by Our Place

Truly as good as the hype surrounding it, this bestselling, nonstick, multipurpose skillet has a permanent place on my stovetop.

I cook pretty much every day and I have been using this pan almost as much for both lunch and dinner meals. A few weeks ago I shared a few recipes I love to use in the Always Pan and I've kept using it over and over with more and more recipes since then.

I own the Always Pan in the color Char but there are so many beautiful colors available.

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TEN | Weck Juice Jars

If you want a really easy way to make your kitchen and fridge a bit more luxurious, try putting your beverages in glass jars with walnut lids.

Believe me, you'll feel like you're at a fancy restaurant every time you go for a drink.

Weck is one of those classic brands that everyone should have in their kitchen. The jars and containers they make are beautiful and very high quality without a high price tags. We bought our juice jars for coffee and tea and keep them stocked in our fridge for afternoon summer drinks.

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And there's the full recap of the 30x30 home section. You can always go back on my Instagram and find the reels to watch the products in action or keep following along as I post the next set of 10 reels – up next, 10 beauty and wellness products I love.