Decorating Riverwood

With this being our very first Christmas in our house I didn’t quite know what the holiday decor would look like. Those of you who have recently moved from an apartment to a house you’ll be able to sympathize with me: holiday decorations are expensive!

Because Thanksgiving was late this year and us leaving halfway through the month to visit family, I wanted to keep things simple. We’re also still working on slowly renovating most parts of the house so to go overboard on Christmas didn’t make much sense.

Decorating Riverwood 1
Decorating Riverwood 2

I’ve never been one for Santa and Rudolph decor instead opting for a neutral, natural theme – no surprise there! We have a beautiful pine tree in our front yard so I took a morning and cut some of the lower branches for most of our decor.

Right after Thanksgiving we hopped over to Mystic Christmas Tree Farm and picked up a spruce to fill our home with the fresh scent of Christmas tree. We pulled out the decorations we already had like this tree skirt (still available at Target!) and a little artificial tree for the hearth to add some warmth.

Decorating Riverwood 3

My favorite addition to the mantle are these beautiful tapered candles I found at the Paula Rallis Home store. They’re a deep red but come in multiple colors. The rest of our decor is actually more winter than Christmas and I plan on leaving it up through January at the earliest.

The outside of the house still needs a bit of love and we have big plans for the spring to spruce it up a bit. Painting, new fixtures, shutters, landscaping are all on the list but until then we added a bit of Christmas cheer with fresh cut greenery, velvet ribbon, and a beautiful wreath.

Decorating Riverwood 5
Decorating Riverwood 6