Easy Home Projects That Don’t Cost A Lot of Money

I get it – social distancing can be isolating and boring. I think the real test of our collective character is going to come on week 5 or 6 when the drama is old, the routines are shaping up, and the weather is turning beautiful. So today, I wanted to share a few easy boredom busters that you can do around your home to make your space more beautiful and make you feel accomplished – without breaking the bank.

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Project 1 – Paint An Accent Wall or Door

Wallpaper is a big trend on accent walls at the moment and while I think a lot of styles are really beautiful, wallpaper isn’t exactly inexpensive – especially if you’re buying a high-quality product. To me, painting a wall (or in this case door) is just as pretty and makes just as much of a statement.

How to Accomplish This

+ Start by Choosing A Wall / Door To Accent – A long time ago I decided to paint my office closet door. It was just a little dingy, a little old and our white paint was not doing it justice.

+ Choose Your Paint / Paint Color

It was a no brainer for me what color and brand of paint I wanted to use. Last year when I was painting the cabinets in our downstairs bathroom I ran across the brand Jolie Paint on Amazon. They had the most beautiful range of colors all used for restoring furniture, painting accent walls, etc.

I knew I wanted to use their products for this project and I was so happy to connect with the brand and work them on for a bit of their beautiful Eucalyptus color.

Featured Paint:

Jolie Paint in Eucalyptus (c/0)

Use the code INF-ELEWANDOWSKI for 10% off any order on their website!

+ Prep the Area – wash lightly with a damp rag to remove dust and dirt from the surface.

+ Paint – Make sure you have the proper tools out and ready: Clean paint brush, paint stir stick, drop cloth, painters tape, and paint can opener. Then grab your brush and start to paint.

+ 2nd Coat of Paint – For this project – and likely many of your projects – you’ll find you need a second coat of paint. Let your paint sit for at least 4 hours before trying to go over it again.

Jolie Paints 2
Jolie Paints 4
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Project 2 – Plant Something

In my humble opinion, there’s nothing better than planting a seedling or seed, caring for it, and watching it flourish and produce fruit or vegetables. If you don’t have a place for a garden plant an herb plant or a tomato plant. Both do well in pots and are easy to maintain.

What You’ll Need

+ Starter Plant or Seeds – herbs and tomatoes do best when you buy them as young plants. But any type of flower, go ahead and buy as a seed packet.

+ Pot or Two – make sure they have good drainage. I like this one and this one.

+ Watering Can – I just bought this one on Amazon and it’s perfect!

Gardening 5 scaled
Kitchen Garden 10 scaled

Project 3 – Refurbish a Piece of Furniture

A couple weeks ago, Lee and I bought a lovely MCM chair from a lady who thrifts really amazing vintage pieces and sells them for a very reasonable price. After cleaning it, we came up with a plan to make it a little sturdier, sand it down, and reupholster it.

It’s been such a fun little project that will probably cost us $40 total and we’ll end up with a darling little accent chair for the house!

Project 4 – Work on Framing a Galley Wall or Statement Pieces

We added a custom photo shelf in our dining room last July and worked with Framebridge to get two of our own photographs framed and it’s one of our most complimented pieces in our house (no credit to us).

The entire process of using the Framebridge website, finding the perfect size, frame, and even mat color was seamless and for bonus points now it’s all done online and they ship you the final product.

If you’re looking for an easy, cost effective way to update a wall with some precious memories start with Framebridge and create your own statement pieces with family photos or special photographs.

Portrait 18
Portrait 16

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