I've seen this trend of sharing the items that made lives better in 2020 around the blogging world and I think it's such a cool idea. I absolutely love reading these posts from other bloggers and wanted to contribute to the conversation with a collection of items that I can't imagine living without.

While this post is not sponsored, some of the products have been gifted to me and I may make a commission off some of the links throughout the post.

See products below in the following order:

  • Home & Garden
  • Wellness
  • Beauty & Fashion
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Home & Garden

Ooler Bed Cooling System by ChiliSleep

This was a gifted product for a photography campaign I shot for the brand.

Yes, this is the most extra thing we own. It's a temperature controlled mattress pad ( goes under your sheets) with a temperature range from 50 degrees to 110. We like to call it our bed air conditioning unit.

It's unobtrusive, quiet, and works like a dream. You can app control it, set cooling or heating schedules, and it's duel zoned for a queen or king bed. It's something I literally cannot live without now.

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Sunday Lawn Care

I worked on a year-long campaign with this brand and was gifted a year subscription, but in February we will be keeping our subscription going!

As second year homeowners, we moved some of our attention from the interior of our home to the exterior. Our grass wasn't in bad condition, but it's always worth improving.

Sunday Lawn Care is a customizable, organic lawn care subscription service with special formulas that are created without the chemicals of normal grass enhancers. It's a super easy process – they send pouches that attach to your hose and in their suggested timeframe you just spray it on your lawn. It's immediately safe for pets and kids to play in and the best part is it really works.

Get $20 and a Free Soil Test

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Barebones Fire Pit

This was a bit of an impulse purchase in September but we have already used it enough that it was 100% worth it. We had been looking for a sturdy, wide, fire pit for our patio and we absolutely love Barebones for their outdoor items.

We have campfires all the time - it's such a relaxing way to spend the late afternoon or evening – and this has taken our backyard fires to the next level. I also love that Barebones has lots of accessories to go along with the pit – like fire gloves and cooking apparatuses.

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Laundress X Le Labo Detergent

This is such a strange thing to love but I truly truly love my Laundress products. I LOVE doing laundry with these products because they smell so beautiful and linger on clothes and blankets for weeks after a wash.

It's truly the little things for me and this is one luxury that brings me so much joy.

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Frame TV

I wrote a review about our Frame TV and what we love about it, but I think it's 100% worth it.

We love this TV and because it hangs in a very prominent place in our living room the art mode makes our entire downstairs a little more aesthetically pleasing.

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OLLY Vitamins

While there's nothing particular special about these vitamins ( besides the fact that they're delicious), it's nice to keep multivitamins around the house for everyday use.

I've been loading up on elderberry in my water but taking an immune boosting and multivitamin everyday is a nice way to keep the immune system strong.

bkr Water Bottles

I am part of the bkr ambassador program and was gifted these bottles as part of the program.

I've been really trying to increase my water intake and these bottles have made it so much easier for me to get my 3 liters per day. I have both the 500 mL – perfect for slipping in my backpack or car if I'm out – and the 1L bottle I use every day at my desk.

They have the most beautiful colors of bottles and would make such great gifts this year or next!

Shop the 1 Liter Collection and the 500 mL collection.

Fashion and Beauty

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I think this might have been the year where I bought the least amount of clothes. It just didn't seem right to spend money on clothes this year when for 80% of the time I was just going to be working from home.

But there were a few standout pieces that I wear at least once per week now, if not more.

  • Aerie Leggings – I love the Warmup Drawcord Leggings and the OG Leggings
  • Sperry Slippers/House ShoesWarm and comfy I love that these have hard, waterproof soles if I need to step outside.
  • Aritzia Sweatshirt – I can confirm this sweatshirt is the coziest and perfectly oversized. I wear it everywhere!
  • Grayson Shirts – I was gifted a few shirts over the summer and one their flannels more recently and I can confirm they are the softest, nicest button down shirts. I wear them constantly and they go with everything. I own this one, this one, and this one.
  • French Girl Organics – I've had my eye on this clean, small business beauty brand for a while and this year I decided to pull the trigger and purchase a few products of theirs. I bought the Rose Hair Oil ( 10/10) and the Rose Sea Salt Spray ( 9/10) and then they kindly gifted a few other products to try. Honestly, so pleased with their whole line and would definitely go back to buy more.
  • Codex Beauty Skin Superfood – a hydrating, beautiful serum that's chock full of delicious, natural things for your skin.
  • Revlon 2-in-1 Hair Styler & Dryer – I did a whole blog post about these styling tools and decided it's something I cannot live without and the hype about them is very real.