Tucked away in West Asheville there’s a darling little plant/flower shop called Flora and the cutest coffee counter just beyond the impressive arch of dried greenery, hanging wooden baskets of ferns and a build your own bouquet bar.

Flora 18
Flora 11
Flora 1

Flora (the plant shop) and Forage (for your coffee needs) is one of those places where no matter the weather you walk in and instantly feel at home and slightly less frazzled. I’m convinced it’s the plants. Bursting from the rafters, walls, and furniture are beautifully green, elegantly draped, and naturally placed plants. Lee and I walked in and stayed for over an hour without realizing the time. It’s just one of those places that you don’t want to leave.

Flora 6
Flora 20
Flora 14

Although the plants speak for themselves, the decor in the entire shop is just as enviable and complements the foliage perfectly. Vintage flower sketches adorn several walls and the cutest pots, planters, candles, even mugs and coffee accessories adorn the hutches, buffets, and bookcases making charming additions to the ambiance.

Indoor jungles (and the curation of them) is one of my greatest joy in life. The benefits of adding plants to your living space are unrefuted. They purify the air you’re breathing, keep you calm, and keep the air temperature at a more sustained level. Beyond that, new plant friends just make me happy so why not do more of what makes you happy?

Flora 10
Flora 16
Flora 12
Flora 19

Lee and I spent Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend in Asheville (one of our favorite day trip locations) and although we had an early start to the day, we took our time (a luxury we rarely get) to walk the streets, browse the shops, and take photos.

After the Flora and Forage adventure, it was on to the city center for a long stroll through some of our favorite shops like Urban Outfitters and Old North. We rounded out the coffee experience at High Five for cold brews and a quick pit stop at the West Elm outlet (where 95% of our home furniture is from).