French Girl Summer

While the summers are typically reserved for air-dried hair, ponytails, and chlorine-induced highlights, every so often the health of my hair comes into question. I'll either start to get bored with basic hairstyles and want to switch it up or inevitably start using more and more heat when styling.

For years I was using a basic Moroccan hair oil to keep the humid frizz and split ends at bay, but since I've realized that my visits to the salon are few and far between (read: twice per year) I've taken it upon myself to start to understand haircare as well as I understand skincare and introduce more products into my routine that are moisturizing and nourishing.

Enter French Girl Organics.

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French Girl Organics is a USA-based brand that creates organic, sustainable products sold around the world. I ran across the brand in Anthropologie years ago, where a selection of their products are sold, and was drawn in first by the branding and second by the reviews. I've yet to hear a negative thing about their brand or products, but it wasn't until my $5 hair oil ran out that I went poking around the French Girl Organics website and decided it was time to try them out for myself.

A few weeks ago, when I bought the products, they were running a lovely bundle special and it was more economical to purchase the Rose Hair Oil in combo with the Rose Sea Salt Spray. The products showed up a few days later and I am officially obsessed.

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Overall, I've never been a big fan of floral scented products which I 100% blame on Bath and Body Works. Fake, strong scents of any kind give me massive headaches so after a particularly bad run-in with a body mist from BBW I put down floral scents for good. Now, though, I understand and appreciate the difference between artificially created products and true, pure organic ones.

On Rose Oil

Instant hydration is the key benefit of this product. When your hair is dry from over-washing, the environment, too much sun, or product build-up it has a tendency to become dull and brittle. I can tell instantly when my hair is too dry. And, funny enough it can be very dry on the ends but oily at my roots and that's just not a good look for anyone.

The Rose Hair Oil softens and hydrates the ends of my hair and keeps it shiny and healthy. I use just one small pump of the oil after a shower when my hair is still damp (but not wet) and apply it through the ends and about halfway up my hair length.

It's thick and nourishing and smells like a garden in France. Everything you could ever want from a hair product.

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On Sea Salt Spray

This little product was a fun extra bonus that has ended up being a really lovely summertime addition to my styling game. Sea Salt products are made to enhance the natural curl, wave, bend or texture in your hair.

I have wavy hair that has become increasingly straight but that natural texture is enhanced just a little bit when using this product. It's also a product to be used when your hair is damp and it's a really nice routine to towel dry then spritz all over your hair before leaving it to air dry.

It also has a beautiful scent that lingers around my hair like a bit of perfume that's lovely to smell all day long.

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A Few Other Notes About Rose Haircare Products

  • Generally, rose oil is known to be extremely nourishing and protective for both skin and hair
  • If you're looking for a rich and luxurious hair mask, you can use a few pumps of the Rose Oil on dry hair, keep it in for up to 2 hours, and then wash out
  • Rose oil contains elements that promote hair growth and repair
  • The Rose Sea Salt Spray incorporates Vitamin B in order to keep locks soft and nourished while maintaining a specific style
  • The Healthy Hair Bundle is still available on the French Girl Organics site and is a great deal if you want to try both products
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