How I Made an IKEA Desk Work For My Office

At the start of 2020, I decided to move my office downstairs into an empty bedroom and turn it into a full blog studio. It turned out for the best because a few weeks later my husband (and the rest of the world) switched to working remote and there was no way we could share an office.

I knew from the initial move that I wanted a long desk to span an entire wall of my new office and the only way I knew how to make that happen was a trip to IKEA. I spent a few days designing the perfect desk setup on the website but when I went to check the availability everything desk-related was sold out in our two closest IKEA stores. Apparently, because of everyone working from home, desks are at a high demand.

I spent the next couple days trying to figure out an alternative and actually found an IKEA solution that was going to be better than what I had originally planned.

Desk 5
Desk 1

The IKEA Specs

Desk 7
Desk 4
Desk 2

I had ever thought about using a countertop as a desk top before, but happen to run across it online, measured it out and decided to go for it. I loved the ash color (light wood) from the online pictures and it happened to be exactly the right dimensions in length to work for the top of the desk.

As for the legs, I was initially going to go for the $4 peg legs since I needed four and nothing else really struck my fancy. But once we got in the store and wandered around a bit we can across the beautiful white trestle legs that were on sale for $25 each. I immediately got 2 and love how sturdy they are under the desk.

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Desk 3
Desk 8

Now I have all the room I need for packing Wallflower orders, my double monitors, bills, files, cameras, and everything else that lands on my desk.

But if you're having a hard time finding and on a budget, I would also suggest checking out Facebook Marketplace. I sold my old desk on there in about 2 hours ( office furniture goes fast!) but the person who bought it got a steal because I wanted to get rid of it quickly.