I’ve moved a fair amount of times over the last 10 years. There was the easy one from Indiana to South Carolina for college – no furniture, clothes in suitcases, travel-sized toiletries. There was the one I don’t remember from a college dorm to my first apartment during grad school.

The move to my second apartment during grad school will forever be burned in my memory – (think August in the South, third floor apartment with no elevator, a 20 year old sleeper sofa, and just two dedicated friends).

About two years later I moved in with my parents for a couple months before I got married (a move in which I essentially threw all my furniture away).

Then I moved into the loft. Pretty easy with just clothes and wedding registry items.

And, most recently (i.e. 4 days ago) we moved from our loft to our very own house. I’m not going to lie to you – we were both dreading this move. Over the last two years we’ve accumulated a number of furniture pieces, comfy bed, kitchen items, etc. that we knew we wanted to keep to fill out the space in the house, but it was no small amount of items.

The biggest thank you to HireAHelper for collaborating with me on this post! This was not a paid post but rather a trade of services.
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So because it is now June in South Carolina we knew this particular move was not going to be fun. And to top it all off we have spent every spare second of our lives the last two months renovating the house, so we were/are TIRED. Not a great way to go into moving.

Then, with one very lovely email everything changed.

I was introduced to the moving company HireAHelper. Over all the years and all the moves, I’ve never explored hiring a moving company because they are SO EXPENSIVE. I honestly don’t know how people can actually afford movers.

But HireAHelper? I would 1,000% book them again just based on price alone.

Today I wanted to answer the questions and DMs I got from you all while sharing the move on Instagram.

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How Does HireAHelper Work?

Very simply. You pack and prep all your belongings and furniture for moving.

I boxed up all our small items, threw trash bags over our hanging clothes, disassembled our furniture, rented a moving truck, and made sure we had blankets to protect pieces from banging around during the moving process.

Then, on the date of your move the scheduled movers come to your home, load up the truck, you drive the truck to your new home, and they unload it for you.

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What’s the First Step?

So the first step in the process is to get a free online quote at hireahelper.com. I went through this process to schedule our movers and the website is so easy to use! You type in your location, moving location, size of your house, date, etc. and you’ll get a number of quotes from different moving teams in the area.

All you do then is pick the team that you prefer (you can see reviews, offerings, price, availability of each team to make the best decision) and schedule them out for the day of your move!

How Was the Overall Process?

Painless. Flawless. Easy. Smooth.

I could go on but you get the idea.

I got a confirmation call two days before from a member of the two-man moving team to confirm the time, location, and any additional details.

They showed up on time packed the truck up in about 1 1/2 hours drove to our new place in their van (my husband drove our u-Haul over) and then it only took about 35 minutes for them to unload the truck!

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Do They Do Cross Country/Different State Moves?

Yes! In the online quote process you can pick a team to load you up in your current location and then choose a different team to unload you in your new state! Of course, you’re responsible to get the truck from one state to another, but the service is available in the 48 contiguous states.

Are They Experienced Movers?

I certainly thought so! Our team came with their own hand trucks for our boxes and appliances and knew how to protect furniture and load the truck.

We rented a 17 foot u-haul and with some expert packing skills everything fit in with no problems at all.

Now, each team booked is different in what they bring/offer, but you can see all the reviews and what they will bring on the moving day when you’re getting a quote.

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So that was my experience with HireAHelper in a nutshell. I honestly wish I had known about the service in years past because it will definitely save you from breaking your back and bank account and risk having friends never talk to you again.

Feel free to DM on Instagram or comment below if you have any questions about the service!