The world can be a scary place. Right now it is a scary place. I heard a psychologist one time mention something to the extent of: "humanity is not supposed to know everything. We cannot take it all in."

Because of the 24 hour news cycle and the instantaneous nature of social media, we know the moment a bomb explodes in Ukraine, a plane goes down in China and an earthquakes rocks California. And that makes me wonder, should we know all that information? Apparently, our brains can only take in so much news, especially bad news.

Maybe we're not meant to know it all?

So, to cleanse the palette, if you will, let's visit some beautiful places. Sunny and bright. Cozy and nostalgic. Rainy and mysterious. Most of the images are not my own – I'm still working on collecting countries – but the beautiful photographers and creators will be listed under the photographs if you want to explore their work further.

Let's step away for a moment, from your reality, and visit some places in the world that will allow you to escape for just a moment.

Breathe in . . . breathe out . . .

Sunny and Bright

Sit back and let the warm rays of the Tuscan evening sunlight bake into your well-sunscreened skin.

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Or you maybe take a stroll through some lavender fields - just mind the bees. And from there it's an easy virtual visit to the Greek isle. Mama Mia!

Lavender Fields Provence South of France Find Us Lost 0234
Find Us Lost Group Trip Greek Islands Mykonos Ios Kos Crete Travel Photography Tour 8042
How To Choose The Best Greek Island Find Us Lost

Immerse Yourself in the Italian Countryside

As luck would have it, I have found myself inundated with romantic resources straight from the French and Italian countryside – romantic in the adjective describing an idealized view of reality.



  • Under the Tuscan Sun – it takes liberties from the nonfiction book, but still is a beautiful story
  • Letters to Juliet – a sweet and simple romcom set in picturesque Italy


  • Kylie Flavell - a film maker who is currently renovating her in-law's Tuscan farmhouse and documenting the process + sharing incredible Italian recipes, antiques and more. Truly a joy to watch her!

Cozy and Nostalgic

Perhaps your ideal escape is a cozy cottage moment tucked up in a window seat next to a babbling brook. Or sitting by a dying fire or wandering a museum. Here are a few imagination staters for you to find some cozy.

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Hans isaacson b QT Vo J Hrk O0 unsplash 2

Rainy and Mysterious

Let's trade in the safe at home vibes for a Jane Eyre adventure. Roam Stonehenge in the mist, attend a meeting of the Dead Poet's Society, hop on a ferry to Bainbridge Island, Washington . . .

Bainbridge Island 16
Orregon Coast 1

Fantastical Places

I don't often wish made-up places were true, but let me tell you – if Hogwarts existed I would be there in a heartbeat. What magical realm would you escape to if possible?