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Levis in A Different Form

Everyone loves a good pair of Levis. They’re about as much of a closet staple as the trench coat and with the resurrection of 80s and 90s fashion they’re slowly coming to the front of the closet in updated shapes and styles.

Today, I want to introduce you to another favored Levi’s staple – the mini denim skirt. I never met a more versatile piece of clothing. It’s perfect for pretty much every occasion, from pumpkin picking to thrifting.

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When I was styling this outfit I didn’t actually mean it to turn Parisian but the moment I added the boots and hat it took on a life of its own. And that’s what I love about simple, classic pieces. They can live in your wardrobe for years and each time you pull them out they take on a life of their own.

I was actually surprised I liked this skirt as much as I did when I pulled it out, but it fits like a glove and isn’t as stiff as other denim skirts I’ve worn in the past.

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I’ve been leaning heavily on Pinterest this year for fall fashion inspiration. (Find my fall fashion inspiration board here). I always lean toward the classics while styling for fall and this year is no different.

Plaids, denim, corduroy, boots, and brown leather still dominate my wardrobe but with a much heavier emphasis on naturals and texture and warmth. A classic outfit like this is easy to replicate time after time so if you see me out and about with this exact outfit don’t be surprised.

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