Life Lately and a Q&A

I’ve been more inspired than ever recently to start to take quality photos on my iPhone. Maybe not full on paid campaign photos, but more than just a blurry snap.

Going back through my phone’s camera roll is actually pretty fun to do and I wanted to make sure this period of time was as well documented as the trips we take and the big moments.

So from exciting little events – like buying a grill! – to simple pleasures – like perfecting the pour over – it’s high time I shared these moments with you all too.

And for a fun little Q&A, I copied Carly’s questions from her blog post yesterday.

  • What’s something you’re looking forward to?

Launching my new blog. It’s really just a different design, new look, fresh content, etc. But it will be the launching off platform for some really amazing content/features/opportunities to come. It’s been about 2 years in the making so I’m excited to show it off.

  • What’s the best book you’ve read this year so far?

It’s hard to choose one but One Day in December was so good. The author Josie Silver just came out with a second book in March that I can’t wait to get my hands on either.

  • Have you learned how to do anything new recently?

I’ve definitely gotten better at using our tripod and remote shutter to take self-portraits. It’s a lot of work and takes so much patience, but very rewarding.

  • What are you watching lately?

Grand Designs on Netflix – best relaxing TV you’ll ever watch. And we’ve also been watching the Star Wars series through chronologically on Disney +. We have one more movie left to watch before ending the entire 11 movie series!

  • Have amazing (or terrible) purchases you’ve made over the past couple of months?

Best: Sezane perfume. It brings me so much joy to know I’ll have it for the next 10+ years

  • Do you have a favorite new-to-you Instagram account?

June Home Supply – they have the best online store/blog/social presence

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