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Mayflower Park Hotel

Yes, I know I’m jumping around a little bit when it comes to the timeline of our trip corresponding to these blog posts. We started the week in Seattle then headed down to Portland. I’ve gotten a lot of specific travel questions in DM and comments but without fail the most commonly asked question is where we stayed in both cities. Today I want to share a little about our Seattle accommodations.

I honestly find choosing a place to stay difficult if I’ve yet to visit the city. So many variables factor into making a trip excellent, but without a doubt, if the place you’re calling home for a few days is “off” in just the slightest it can affect your time. Thankfully, we had no worries the moment we found ourselves on the elegant doorstep of the Mayflower Park Hotel. It did take us a second to find our bearings in the city (we took the super easy Light Link Rail from the airport to the city center) and on the map, the Mayflower Park was just around the block but a couple wrong turns made the process so much harder than it should have been.

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Once we got our bearings and deposited our luggage with the wonderfully accommodating staff, we realized that indeed this hotel was smack dab in the middle of the action in downtown Seattle. Pike’s Place Market was a quick 5-minute walk in one direction and all the retail therapy needed was just around the corner in the other direction. We spent quite a bit of time exploring the waterfront and the Capitol Hill neighborhood during our time in the city and after 7+ miles of walking each day, you can imagine our relief when the hotel was always closer than we thought!

And in addition to the extra convenient location, our stay at the Mayflower Park Hotel exceeded our expectations in every other way. This year is the 91st anniversary of the hotel and the moment we stepped into the sophisticated lobby we felt transported to a much more beautiful era. Helpful staff greet you with a smile upon entrance and dispose of your 48-pound suitcase with nothing more than a puff of pixie dust causing the stress of a travel day disappears in an instant.

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Our room wasn’t quite ready when we arrived at noon so with some helpful directions we set out in search of coffee and the city sights. A pleasant voicemail from the front desk soon after let us know that our room was ready so we made our way (not a very far way) from one of the piers back to the hotel and room 203 to settle in and change.

We were staying in one of the King Suites and it was honestly one of the most spacious hotel rooms I’ve had the pleasure of staying in. Upon entrance was a walk-through closet leading to the bathroom to the left and another sink, mini bar, and counter space to the right. The hallway opened up into a sitting area with a couch and desk and the king bed. We made use of all the space with our luggage and camera gear, and still had plenty of room to relax at nights before climbing into bed.

It was an entirely lovely experience and from the moment we checked in until check out we were greeted with kindness and thoughtfulness from all members of the staff – something that’s become an exception instead of the rule in the travel industry anymore.

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If you ever find yourself exploring Seattle, I would highly recommend staying at the Mayflower Park Hotel. But don’t just take my word for it. Visit their website to read up on all their other amenities and options to make up your mind!

PS: Head on over to my Instagram and IGTV for a cute little video we shot in and around the hotel!

Many many thanks to the Mayflower Park Hotel for a beautiful Seattle experience.