Mid-Winter Chic

Around this time every year I get a little lazy with my outfits. I’ve had my cute winter clothes on repeat since December and stores are starting to feature their spring/summer merchandise, giving me the serious case of the mid-winter blues. So the trick is to get a little creative with outfit pairings, rely heavily on layering, and hit up your local consignment stores for some inexpensive updates to get you through until the first signs of spring begin to bloom.

SPT Mid Winter 14 squashed
SPT Mid Winter 4 squashed
SPT Mid Winter 6 squashed
SPT Mid Winter 24 squashed

Pairing a simple sweater with a classic skirt, tights, and booties complete my winter ‘going out’ outfit, but to elevate the look I added a chic and on-trend hat, convertible gloves/mittens, and the real statement piece, a sweater coat from Anthropologie with gorgeous faux fur detailing.

SPT Mid Winter 5 squashed
SPT Mid Winter 9 squashed
SPT Mid Winter 13 squashed

By choosing pieces that I’ve been wearing all winter, in a surprising combination I can always surprise myself with the outfits I can create. As the last 6 weeks of winter hang on for dear life, don’t be afraid to reinvent your winter wardrobe with new and fresh combinations that emphasize darling details and pretty patterns.