Minimal Makeup Routine

I admire the people who have the patience to spend a long time on their makeup. I watched a GRWM vlog of one of my favorite - Victoria from In the Frow - where she took a literal hour to do her makeup. Of course she looked absolutely stunning but I'll admit even on photoshoot days or event days I spend 15 minutes tops on makeup. I just don't have much patience for it. Skincare, however, is a different story.

So today's post is a roundup of my favorite makeup products and how I use them for a minimal, everyday makeup look. It's nothing fancy or revolutionary, but it seems to work day after day and that's what matters.

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Minimal Makeup Routine

STEP ONE | Start with a clean and moisturized face. I have combination skin so as the weather changes parts of my skin can get pretty dry and dry skin is the enemy of any makeup routine. So it's super important that I keep my skincare routine focused on hydration.

My skin concerns: redness, dark spots, patchy dryness

STEP TWO | Give the clean, dry skin an all-over application of a tinted moisturizer. Every now and again I'll wear a true foundation, but about 95% of the time a tinted moisturizer is perfect for what I need. Bonus: it doesn't feel like you're wearing any makeup and has built-in sunscreen.

STEP THREE | A dab of concealer on any blemishes or dark spots. I'm genetically fortunate not to have dark circles under my eyes so unless I really want to brighten them up or I didn't get any sleep I'll leave my under eyes bare.

STEP FOUR | A swipe of blush on my cheekbones for a bit of color

STEP FIVE | A quick fill in the brows run-through

STEP SIX | Two coats of mascara

Optional: every now and again I'll get a little fancy and use the same blush on my eyelids with a quick swipe. Sometimes I'll use a bit of highlighter on my cheekbones after blush. And every now and then I'll do a bit of eyeliner for more definition.

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Makeup Products I Use Daily

Makeup Tools I Use Daily

  • Large fluffy brush for blush
  • Small pointed brush for concealer
  • Makeup bag to keep things organized
  • sometimes a lit makeup mirror