Last year around this time I created a home organization post (all about how I organized my beauty closet) that went viral multiple times over on Pinterest. Clearly people love organization ideas and I don't blame them, I live for that content on blogs and YouTube.

So, today we're back - just a year later - with another well-requested post on how to organize your jewelry collection and aesthetic organizers both for home and travel.

Keep reading to discover:

  • My treasured jewelry pieces
  • How to edit your jewelry collection
  • Budget organizers
  • Traveling with jewelry (for future use)
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My Treasured Pieces of Jewelry

I find it absolutely fascinating to watch people on Instagram talk through their jewelry collection. Jewelry doesn't have to be sentimental or monumentally special, but it is cool when there's a story behind a specific piece.

In the past few years, I have edited my collection to clear out pieces that hadn't been frequently worn (J.Crew statement necklaces, anyone?). I also realized silver is not my color and gold jewelry is my go-to. I have a few more generic pieces or ones I have been gifted, but as a general rule I keep my jewelry collection fairly streamlined.

A few notable pieces pictured include:

Jewelry Organization 4
Jewelry Organization 1
Jewelry Organization 3

How to Edit Your Jewelry Collection

A lot of people talk about "editing your wardrobe" and do a closet clear out every so often, but what about accessories? shoes? makeup? skincare? If you feel the urge to do a little clear out but your closet seems a bit overwhelming, start with your jewelry. In a few simple steps you'll be able to pair down what you have vs. what you love.

01 | Lay everything out on your bed, on a desk, on a table or dresser.

Go on, grab that necklace still in your suitcase from a 2019 trip. Pop open your purses and bags and dig around for that lost pair of earrings. Check your glove compartment, cup holders, drawers and bins for any stray pieces. Gather it all in one space and lay it out.

02 | Match your pairs, sets, and collections then organize by type. Earrings together, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

03 | Remove anything without a pair (earrings with no mate), anything broken that you don't want to fix, anything too tangled to deal with, anything tarnished or dingy

You can, obviously work to fix a lot of jewelry issues if the pieces are worth keeping! Tarnished jewelry can be cleaned, broken pieces mended, but if the piece is cheap (hello Forever 21 rings!) take a moment to decide if it's worth keeping and fixing.

04 | Make two more piles: one to trash, one to donate.

Ask yourself, am I wearing this? Do I want to wear this? Do I only wear for specific occasions? Is it worth keeping? What will I wear this with in the next 6 months?

05 | Collect your remaining jewelry in a dedicated box, set of organizers, or display stands

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Budget Jewelry Organizers

The bulk of my jewelry lives in an heirloom jewelry box, but recently I bought a couple boxes to display and keep my most often reached for jewelry in close proximity.

My favorite place to purchase beautiful organizers (that can be used for anything, not just jewelry!) is H&M. Don't go sleeping on the H&M Home organizers.

H&M Jewelry Organizers (pictured below)

Traveling with Jewelry

One thing I both love and hate is trying to travel with jewelry. Whether you're going across town or across the country, everything always ends in a tangle. So, if you're planning a trip when it's safe to start exploring again, here's a few travel jewelry tips I've found helpful.

  • Take only a small selection of jewelry. It's not always a good idea to travel with lots of jewelry anyway, so once you've edited your jewelry collection you'll be able to identify what you want to travel with and what goes with the most outfits.
  • Wear your necklaces while traveling. Necklaces tend to get the most damaged while traveling so embrace the stacked necklace trend and wear them on your flight or road trip.
  • Invest in an actual jewelry carrying case with slots and pouches to discreetly and safely carry your jewelry items. This one and this one from Sezane is my favorite.
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