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Our Home Exterior Projects

Over the past three years we've basically done it all when it comes to home projects. Mind you our list of to-dos are still a mile long, but room after room we've tackled to slowly transform our space into a lovely home. This year, we've gone a bit slower on projects for a number of reasons, but mainly because we're focusing on the exterior of our home and a lot of the projects can't be accomplished in just a weekend or even by us.

But one thing we have been able to get started on is painting our brick. As soon as bought the house we knew we wanted to paint the brick – a somewhat controversial decision in the home reno world. But here's the thing, our brick is not pretty.

I grew up in a beautiful colonial red brick house that should never be changed, our brick is variegated in color, very orange, and very 80s. Trust me when I say it'll look a lot better white. Like a lot better.

this photo shows (with some editing) the brick in the background

Decorating Riverwood 5

so instead we took about 3 years to find the right materials and get around to painting it.

We currently have the back of the house finished and once we get back from traveling this weekend again, we'll start on the rest.

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Also getting done this year is all the gutters replaced, our second story siding and dormers + trim painted (by a professional), our front door replaced and at the very least our front beds sorted out and Limelight hydrangeas planted down the length of the front. At the very least the house's exterior will start to match what our interior looks like!

Soft Pink Pastel Minimal November Desktop Wallpaper 5

Outdoor Sources

Siding/ Dormers: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Brick: Romabio Avorio White Limewash

Front Porch Lanterns: Either this one or this one

Plants: Limelight Hydrangeas down the front beds

Planters: Two of these on the front porch with evergreen foliage that enjoy morning sun

Welcome Mat: Simple and classic like this one

Now we just need to nail down a company to paint our second story and find some time in our schedules to keep chugging along on the brick painting. Good things take time and this will definitely be a big transformation for our house!

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