One thing I love about the Sezane brand is their devotion to keeping versaitle wardrobe staples in stock for years. I have not spent any time in France, but what I do know about French fashion is they value quality and classic silhouettes - in addition to being the leading city for trend conception.

Back in February 2018, I was in New York right when Sezane opened their Elizabeth Street doors and my first purchase was a pair of their Jack Sneakers (or trainers). A solid 4 years later I still wear those same sneakers. Which I feel speaks highly to the quality of the shoe.

In today's post I want to cover:

  • fit + feel of the Jack sneakers
  • styling advice for every season
  • why I love versatile footwear
Charleston Day 1 21

Jack sneakers seen above in Charleston, 2019

Fit + Feel of the Sneakers

Let me preface this by saying I have very sensitive feet. If a shoe doesn't fit me just right I'll get blisters in a second and be miserably uncomfortable in the shoe + my day from then on out. There have only been two pairs of shoes in recent memory that haven't given me any issues from the start: my Jack Sneakers and my Birkenstocks.

Like I mentioned above, I bought my Jack sneakers in NYC on our last day in the city, decided to put them on and then immediately walked 12 miles. Mind you, they are not walking shoes. They are comfy leather sneakers, but I had zero issues with them so decided to keep wearing them.

Materials: interior + exterior are leather ; gum sole ; cotton laces

Fit: true to size for a medium wide foot ; I wear a true size 6 and purchased a 6 with no issues ; Sezane recommends if you are between sizes to size up

Comfort : extremely comfortable. I do prefer to wear them with socks seeing as the leather interior can make your feet sweat a bit in the heat of the summer, but lovely without socks as well.

Winter Styling

While we are in the death grip of summer heat at the moment, let's just throw it back to how well these shoes do in the winter.

Socks are a must. A muppet coat will do nicely too. Bonus points if it matches the shoes!

But seriously, most of the time I wear boots in the winter - especially a NYC winter day, but these shoes were a lightweight blessing to my tired feet after a few days of stomping around the city in boots.

But be warned, they would likely not hold up well if you're trudging through snow, sleet or rain. I won't link specific winter pieces below, because we're all fully into warmer weather, but just know the Jack Sneakers can successfully be styled all four seasons.

NYC4 20
Kitchen Garden 11
Gliss 5

Spring + Summer Styling

It's no surprise the Jack Sneakers truly shine in the spring and summer months. Throw them on with a dress for an easy 2 piece outfit, pair them with shorts and a hat for a sporty look – the options are endless, so here's a look at some of my favorite ways to style the sneakers for the warmer months.

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Other Lovely Ways to Wear The Sneakers


Why I Gravitate Towards Versatile Footwear

It should come as no surprise to anyone, but I like a capsule footwear collection just as much as a capsule wardrobe. Honestly, you'll see me in Birkenstocks for 90% of the summer, gardening boots for outdoor work, heels on rare occasion, and then my Jack sneaks.

I don't tend to wear out a lot of my shoes and I definitely don't get rid of them until I absolutely have to. My Jacks have lasted a solid 4 years and honestly I know exactly the experience I'll have wearing them, I know exactly how to style them and what I wear them with, and I know they won't make my feet hurt.

So here's to another four years – either with the same pair or a new pair, because the Ecru ones are calling my name.