Overalls for Spring

There was a time in the not too distant past where I would not have touched a pair of overalls. Like would have actually tried to burn them if someone gave me a pair. Overalls aren’t cute. Overalls are for farmers and small children – like 3 year olds.

But nowwwww…. well, let’s just say my opinion has changed a bit.

To be honest, overalls check all my boxes.

  1. Easy to throw on and go
  2. Comfy
  3. Cute
  4. Versatile

So now, I have a feeling you might be seeing more of these around the blog.

Overalls 2 2
Overalls 4

Last summer I tried a pair of non-denim overalls last year and loved them, so when I saw this pair on Amazon – yes, that’s right, Amazon – I pulled the trigger and ordered them for a little try-on. Good news is I love them, bad news is now I don’t want to return them.

I wish I had a better frame of reference to talk about sizing and fit in overalls, but both pairs I tried on have worked like gangbusters and fit much like a jumpsuit would. So if you’re concerned about sizing, think of it like a bit more breathable jumpsuit.

Overalls 1
Overalls 2

I’m all about embroidery right now on my clothes – from tops and tees to *clearly* overalls – I can’t seem to get enough of the trend.

Is it a trend? Maybe not, maybe it’s just a preference.

Either way, I wanted to give these darling little embroidered overalls a proper shout out because not only are they cute but also the boyfriend *slightly relaxed* fit makes them an absolute win. I paired them with one of my favorite white blouses (sold out long ago) for a more feminine, early spring look but just a simple white tee would look just as good underneath.

And although I’m in flats – because, comfort – I can see myself pairing them with wedges or these too perfect for words shoes for an evening date night.

So, what do you think? Are you into the overalls trend or against it? Personally, I can see these working for every body type and every style, but don’t just take my word for it.

Overalls 3

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