The Organic Skin Co.

A very happy first day of spring to you! With the change of seasons comes a natural desire for me to continue the switch from conventional products to green/organic/healthy/clean ones.

I recently changed out all my harsh bathroom cleaners for natural, essential oil based ones (post to come soon!) and that coupled with the windows open and the sun shining has been an amazing start to the season.

And in addition to switching out chemical-based cleaning products (and laundry products, actually) I’ve been diving more and more into the world of organic beauty. I’m not a makeup or beauty blogger by any means. My daily makeup routine is chapstick and concealer. But I’ve known for a while that many of the drugstore and even higher end makeup brands just don’t work for me.

There are a couple brands I’ve used and loved for years – Clinique and Bare Minerals (and I want to RMS Beauty soon too) – but recently, after a sweet little PR package was sent to my home from a new-to-me- brand, I’m now fully converted to the Organic Skin Co. range.

Organics Beauty 6
Organics Beauty 9

The Organic Skin Co. is a cruelty-free, vegan, organic, and ethical makeup brand that uses plant extracts and natural ingredients to create beautiful colors and products for everyday and special wear.

I’m often pretty skeptical about trying new makeup brands because I have my favorites, but I gave the lip color and eye shadow a whirl on our recent trip to Charleston and loved the results. As a zero to minimal makeup wearer, I can’t give the best review on the textures, colors, staying power, etc. but I do know the colors are beautiful, the packaging so easy to travel with, and supporting the brand gives back to the planet.

Organics Beauty 2
Organics Beauty 3
Organics Beauty 4

I don’t often recommend makeup brands, but I would definitely recommend trying The Organic Skin Co. if you’re looking to upgrade your beauty products to be a little cleaner and greener. They have an innovative system where you choose a palette and fill it with the pods of your choosing – from lips to highlighter.

II filled my palette with a concealer, highlighter, three eye shadow colors and three lip colors – everything I need right in one handy container. If you’re interested in learning, I would recommend visiting their website and read up on what organic makeup products really look like.