10x10 Challenge 4

Recapping the 10×10 Challenge

Today’s post is all about sharing my experience with the #10X10Challenge. If you’re new here you can visit this post to read all about the wardrobe challenge (or watch my YouTube video) and visit my Instagram to see the posts throughout the 10 days.

But here we are – 10 pieces, 10 outfits, 10 days!

As a little refresher, let me share the inspiration and items I chose for the challenge:

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Wallflower White Scrunchie 1 scaled
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10×10 Challenge FAQ

Q – Why Did You Do The Challenge?

A – I’ve seen this challenge all over Instagram in the past and I finally felt like I was in a good place with my wardrobe where I love 10 pieces enough to only wear them for almost 2 weeks.

Q – Were There Any Pieces You Would Now Leave Out?

A – I would leave out the dress. I only included it in the first place because most other people included a dress in the challenge but honestly, I just don’t wear dresses that often – especially in the winter. I work from home or coffee shops and my everyday style is very casual. It felt weird to try and style a dress for a weekday.

Q – What Advice Would You Offer Someone Who Is About to Start?

A – Choose pieces you love right off the bat. Don’t go crazy with shoes. Don’t try to integrate your winter coats/jackets into your 10 pieces. I know that most people who do this challenge gravitate more toward neutrals, but if you’re a color-lover don’t be afraid to use color as much as possible in your choices.

Q – Did You Have a Favorite Outfit?

A – No surprise here, the most casual one I wore. Comfy and cute. You just can’t beat it. This Aerie sweatshirt was a birthday gift and it has been on heavy rotation in my wardrobe since September. I think it’ll continue as a favorite through the spring with shorts or white denim.

10x103 1 2 scaled
10x10 10

Q – Are There Any Pieces You’re Getting Rid of After the Challenge?

A – Potentially. I’m kinda on the fence about the versatility of the grey sweater from the challenge. I added this grey sweater to my wardrobe right at the start of the challenge and now I’m reaching for it more than the challenge sweater so it might be heading to my Poshmark soon, we’ll see.

Q – Did Anything Surprise You About the Challenge?

A – The community that exists on Instagram around this challenge and hashtag was a pleasant surprise. I loved connecting with other women who were also in the midst of the challenge!

Q – Will You Do This Again?

A – Absolutely! I think it’s such a great practice to see how you approach dressing for a season. I’ll definitely be doing a spring challenge with a warm weather wardrobe.

10 X103 1 scaled
10x104 1 2 scaled

So, that’s it! My first winter 10×10 Challenge in the books. I think it’ll be a bit easier in the spring with the weather a bit more consistent. If you participated in this challenge, let me know! I’d love to connect with you. And if you’re inspired by this little experiment of mine and want to participate as well, let me know! I’d love to follow along with your challenge.