Some Pretty Picks

Welcome to Friday, friends! I hope you all have been having a lovely last few days. This week's picks all seemed to be related around the concept of things that bring me joy. From YouTube videos to kickstart my afternoons to cozy fall vibes, I hope they bring you a bit of joy as well.

2 simple ways to decorate for fall
Fall Wallflower 2 2
  • I often have a difficult time getting back into work after lunch. Anyone else? But over the past few weeks I've been really loving background chill music to keep me motivated. Playlists are hard for me to generate so I've been turning to YouTube and putting on 2-4 hour videos designed for productivity and calm. These are some of my favorites:

Beautiful Chill Mix | Dumbledore's Office | Cozy Cabin Ambience | Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience

  • The Terrain Fall Preview is here and there are so many good pieces to keep an eye on for fall decor!

Autumn Harvest Wreath | Fir + Blue Sage Candle | Jute Doormat |

  • And speaking of fall previews, we just launched a sneak peek of the Wallflower Fall Collection over on Instagram! It's going to be such a good launch!
DIY linen Spray 3
Frennch Girl 2
  • The brand vomFASS sent me a box of olive oils and vinegars recently and their Basil Olive Oil has changed my pasta game for good. It is too delicious for words. I also used their Lemon Olive Oil to make a Lemon Rosemary Cake over on Instagram. Their products would make the perfect Christmas gift!
  • June Home Supply is one of my favorite home good brands and a recent journal entry talks about the importance and need of naps!
  • I've been researching more and more clean nail polish brands. I'm not incredibly OCD about my nails but traditional nail polish / removers give me headaches. Two brands have really stood out in my research: Sundays & Olive and June. I'm thinking about giving them both a try and reviewing their products on the blog.
  • If you missed it, recently on the blog I talked about 10 Good Things and how to make Linen Rose Water