Sunday Lawn Review for 2021

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If you can’t tell from the number of home posts I’ve been sharing recently, we’ve been doing a lot of work around the house. Obviously, there’s not much else we can do right now, so it just makes sense. It keeps us busy and it’s something we actually love doing.

Lee and I have commented multiple times about how we both grew up in very outdoor-focused families and our chores often consisted of mowing the grass, weeding the garden, and working outside. Naturally, kids just hate those chores, but now that this is our own house there’s such a great sense of satisfaction from something as simple as mowing the grass.

Today’s blog post is focused on reviewing the Sunday lawn care company that’s doing things differently and offering amazing products. I want to talk about:

Thank you to Sunday for sponsoring this post via gifted products. I am an affiliate of the brand so a few of the links will generate a small commission.
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Sunday Lawn Care Review

What Makes Sunday Lawn Different?

First, my disclaimer is going to be I have not extensively researched lawn care companies or do it yourself systems that create a better, greener lawn. But, before we even bought a home, we had found Sunday via an Instagram ad and put them in a note on our phone as a company we wanted to use in the future.

So my understanding of grass care is limited to knowing that –

  1. We have a lot more weeds that normal grass
  2. Most grass growing/maintenance brands are highly chemical based
  3. Hiring lawn care teams are very expensive/there’s no reason we can’t do it ourselves

But I’m obviously talking about Sunday here because they are different and that difference is very appealing.


Sunday Lawn care only requires one thing from you: a hose.

With GPS mapping and soil samples they create a custom plan based on your lawn. They’re able to test things like the PH balance of your soil and marry that with the climate and current lawn square footage to build a year-long, one-time priced system.

Sunday has over a dozen targeted nutrient pouches that are sent to you throughout the year at very specific times. The pouches contain their specifically formulated liquids that do everything from grow grass to make it greener, prep it for winter and kill out the weeds.

And one of the things I love the most about the company is that they very clearly state what ingredients do not go into their products (i.e. herbicides and pesticides). Instead they use food waste (compost), iron, seaweed, and molasses.

Genius! And 100% safe.

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Sunday Lawn Care Review:

What a Sunday Lawn Package Looks Like

I received my first shipment a couple weeks ago and was so pleased with everything from the packaging to the products inside.

Once you take the lawn care quiz on the Sunday website you have the choice to sign up for a full or partial plan which determines the frequency of your shipments.

Using this link will actually get you a free soil sample kit and a $20 off coupon!

From their website:

“Most lawn plans include 3 shipments of nutrients with 2 to 4 pouches in each shipment. Each shipment date is driven by your climate and grass growth.”

My first package included a soil sample kit with a pre-affixed return label to easily send back to them, a packet of wildflower seeds, two hose nozzle attachments, two pouches of Mighty Green, and an instruction sheet telling me how and when to use the products.

The process to apply the nutrients to your grass is so simple. You just attach the nozzle to your hose, attach the bag to your nozzle, then turn on the water and spray. I was the one that did the first two applications of Mighty Green and it was a piece of cake.

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Sunday Lawn Care Review:

The Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

I think it goes without saying that every conscious home owner wants to have luscious green grass. It makes your house look nice and your lawn look welcoming. It’s the same reason home owners mow their grass, pull up weeds, and trim trees.

I had personally never heard of a company that actually achieved results without using chemicals to treat the grass but after even just one treatment it’s clear that after a year of targeted nutrients our grass is going to look better than ever.

It also goes without saying that a lawn that’s free from chemicals is also going to be a healthy lawn – not just for the grass, but also for your family.

Sunday goes as far to say that their products are safe for pets and kids to play in. Heavy chemicals just aren’t part of their formulation and while we don’t have pets or kids it’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about those chemicals leaching into our garden soil, affecting our flowers and trees, and getting on me while I’m applying it on the grass.

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I’ll be keeping you all up to date over the next few months about how the products work, what difference it has made on our lawn, and what other benefits the brand brings to the lawn care game!

And if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer in the comments of the post or over on Instagram!

Don’t forget, you can use this URL for a free soil sample kit and a $20 off coupon on the Sunday website!