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The Perfect Summer Bag

Is there anything better than a darling little woven bag for all your summer essentials? When the Amara bag arrived on my doorstep I knew it would be perfect for every summer occasion – from weddings to day trips.

Thank you to 31 Bits for collaborating with me on this post. Although I was gifted the bag all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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There was something special about this little basket bag the moment I saw it online. It was made by artisans in Bali – which of course makes it incredibly unique – but everything from the size to the perfect little drawstring top spoke to me.

I’m no stranger to owning basket bags – I have a couple in my collection – but the Amara bag is quickly becoming my favorite. It’s small enough to be versatile but also holds a surprising amount of items.

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Naturally I paired it with neutrals – in this case a black linen-blend dress – but it would easily look just as good with an outfit filled with color, a simple white dress, jeans, shorts, or even a coverup!

But I think the real reason it’s a star is its organic origins and the people who took the time to create the bag.

31 Bits is a company I’ve admired/shopped for some time now. Their products are “thoughtfully designed and ethically made”. But since being an ethical company is such a trend right now, I love that they dive deeper on their website than just an ethical statement.

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I think this graphic sums up their brand and what they stand for so well. For instance, my bag, made in Bali, was created by men and women who are paid fair wages, are treated well, and appreciated for their skills.

That makes this bag so much more special. By supporting the company structure of 31 Bits you’re supporting people across the world with amazing talents that are being treated fairly for their skills. And to me, that’s a great reason to shop!

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Thank you to Sarah at Strikes of Luck for this post’s photography.