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Slippers all year long is my favorite kind of footwear. No matter if we have our A/C blasting in the heat of the summer or the fireplace crackling in the dead of winter, slippers are a constant. And over the years I've acquired my fair share of cozy footwear.

This post is dedicated to all things cozy for your feet - whether it's woolen clogs or a furry fuzzy slide - I'm going to be breaking down my favorite house shoes and slippers along with some gifting recommendations if you're looking for a gift anyone will love.

All three of the pairs of slippers featured in today's post were gifted to me throughout the past year by both Sperry and Stegmann's Clogs. Most of the links are affiliate links and I may make a small profit if you click and buy through the links.

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Slippers by Sperry

When I think of Sperry as a footwear brand I certainly do not associate them with slippers. Duck boots? Absolutely. But I now own two pairs of Sperry slippers and have been extremely happy with them both.

During the creation of their slipper line, they emphasize comfort in addition to fit and use high-quality materials like faux fur and suede to bring along a shoe that mimics the construction of their boat shoes and duck boots while wrapping your feet up in a plush hug.

Sperry Sizing: both pairs of slippers have fit TTS for me (I wear a women's size 6) but my most recent pair are not made to be worn with heavy cabin socks. A fact that they state very clearly on their website and in the packing.

Sperry Pricing: their slippers run from $69-$89 full price but right now their running a 2 for $99 deal on their website. One for you, one for a friend?

Sperry Styles: they basically have it all when it comes to styles. From moccasins to slip-on, slides to booties their styles in both shape and color are beautifully designed and very versatile.

Women's Shearling Clog Slipper

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My newest acquisition. I'm wearing a size 6 and they started a bit snug on my feet but are slowly forming to my foot the longer I wear them.

They are as cozy and fluffy as they look. But my feet have not sweat in them even if I'm wearing no socks.

Best for: cozy winter nights curled up by the fire reading.

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Women's Cecily Bootie

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These were kindly sent to me last year from the Sperry team and I wore them all winter long.

There were even a few times where I accidentally wore them on an errand! They honestly feel a bit more like cozy boots than traditional slippers. And like my other pair they have a hard sole bottom so you could truly treat them like a cozy bootie.

They fit TTS and you can wear a thicker sock in these for comfort and warmth.

Best for: outdoor patio adventures in the fall and a house shoe to be worn throughout the day in your home (or the occasional errand)

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Top Giftable Sperry Slippers

Steggman Clogs 4
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Stegmann Clog House Shoes/Slippers

I wrote a whole review for these particular house shoes/slippers earlier this year and now that were well into the cozy season my predictions for these shoes standing up in all types of weather certainly came true.

I reach for my wool clogs first thing in the morning and slip them on with a pair of cozy cabin socks even if I'm planning on heading out to work or run errands. There's something very luxurious about a wool clog that acts as less of a cozy slipper and more of a functional one.

They are perfect for regulating the temperature of my body and keeping me warm but not hot in the chill of the morning.

Stegmann Sizing: TTS to a little large. I do think the wool stretches out a little overtime, especially if you wear them with thick socks, but I would suggest your standard size. They also have a great sizing chart on their site.

Stegmann Pricing: I have the Women's EcoWool Clog in the color Shetland and they run $130-$150 for a pair.

Stegmann's Styles: for house shoes or slippers their clogs are the primary style. They also have some boots and sandals if you're looking for a different type of shoe.

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