Time for a Spring Clean

Pollen coating every surface? Check

Unpredictable weather? Check

Flowers and trees bursting into bloom? Check

A deep desire to clean things out? Check

It must be spring.

I've always loved spring – apart from pollen and storms. There's nothing quite like being able to live with the windows open, curtains flapping, and fresh air pouring in. Every single spring, I like to take some time to reassess my cleaning habits, restock necessities, and reintroduce a thoughtful, organized method for keeping the house clean.

In today's post I want to:

  • Share how I spring clean
  • What tools / products make it a breeze
  • Some handy printable that may help stay on track
Cleaning 2
Cleaning 1

How I Spring Clean

this works for me but it may not work for you. I have a bit more flexible time (I don't have more time, but I'm not tied to my desk from 8-5) so this method works for me. If it doesn't for you, find yourself a method that fits your own lifestyle.

I start by choosing a room of the house. Let's use the guest bathroom for example. I like to take everything mobile out of the room – bath mats, towels, countertop items, trash can, decor, soap, etc. I've found it's much easier to start cleaning with a blank slate.

We have two under sink cabinets so next I'll take everything out of the first one, wipe it down then before I just put everything back inside I'll sort through the products. In this case it's a lot of excess skincare products, haircare products and cleaning supplies. I'll sort through them and only put back the ones I'm actually using on a daily basis. The rest goes in my actual skincare cabinet upstairs.

Once I've sorted, tossed, and organized the items behind the doors, I'll get down to start the cleaning process. In my slightly OCD mind starting at the furthest end of the room and working my way forward makes the most sense. So I scrub the shower, toilet, sink, countertop, mirror, and end with floors.

Next I'll take inventory of what should go back into the room. I'll wash the bath mats, shower curtain, towels, and any other linens. I'll refill the soap, fluff faux plants, change out a candle, stock the toilet paper, spritz some room spray and call it a job well done.

Infuse 5
Infuse 4

The Tools I Use

I'm sure there's others out there that love freshly stocked cleaning supplies as much as I do, right? I've been using a very thoughtful, low waste cleaning system for over a year now and use the products almost exclusively in my spring clean quest.

I wrote a full review about Infuse products (found at Target) and a year later I still use them every single day + have given them as gifts and turned other people onto the full range of products.

Infuse Quick Facts

  • Price Point: super affordable. The most expensive item is the mop (which you only buy once) the cleaning solutions are only $3 and the cloths are $5-$7.
  • How it Works: you buy the refillable spray bottles (which are very high quality) the cloths and the mop (all a one time purchase) and then you purchase vials of the solution concentrate for your floors, bathroom, windows, or all purpose use. Mix it with water and you're good to go.
  • Favorite product: Lavender Lemon hardwood cleaning solution - smell like a garden.
  • Is it chemical based: no, their formulas are free from 18 of the top chemicals that go into conventional cleaning products.

I also love some good old fashioned cleaning recipes like baking soda and vinegar to clean up bathtub and sink stains. My mom makes a really great lavender sink scrub that is my go to for cleaning our kitchen sink.

Free Printables to Keep Cleaning Organized