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Transforming Our Guest Room With the Help of the Bagster® Bag

The home journey continues. My new question is: does it ever really end?

If you’re new around here, welcome! and also a bit of background. My husband and I bought a Cape Cod house in April and has been renovating it ever since. Feel free to get up to speed with all our projects over here. I’ve been teasing this project on Instagram for a bit now and I’ve gotten so many responses from my online family asking about the status. Since April we’ve been using the two downstairs bedrooms as construction/tool/junk storage.

And it’s been killing me.

Thank you Waste Management for sponsoring this post. Visit your local home improvement store to pick up your own Bagster® bag today!
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I’m naturally a very organized person and owning a home has brought that out in me more than ever. So to walk past these doorless rooms and see the chaos daily was driving me nuts. But for us, the problem lay in the fact that we didn’t know how to get rid of the scraps of drywall, extra flooring, paint cans, carpet samples, and other renovation trash.

We figured it would take months to break it all down and dispose of in our household trash can, but getting a dumpster for the 2nd time in 4 months would be expensive, ugly, and take up our entire driveway. Thankfully, we found an amazing, economical solution in Waste Management’s Bagster® bag.

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Before a bit of research, I had never considered there may be a cost-effective, non-permanent dumpster solution to easily get rid of our mess.

If you’re in the reno/project/overhaul phase in your house too, listen up! I wish I would have known the following information at the start of our renovation journey.

The Bagster® bag is an alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on a full-sized dumpster if you don’t need one that large. It’s a durable, woven bag, that holds up to 3,300 pounds – perfect for a smaller reno project like a bathroom or bedroom or cleanup at the end of a house flip.

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You could also use it for outdoor projects like building a deck or cleaning out a shed or storage building. (You can be sure we’re getting another one when we start building our deck in the spring.)

Besides the fact that the Bagster® bag is so much more cost-effective than a normal dumpster, it’s genius for the fact that you can fill it and schedule a pickup according to your own schedule. If I’ve learned one thing during renovation, it’s that nothing stays right on the initial timeline.

So, here’s how it works:

  • You purchase the Bagster® bag at a local home improvement store vendor – we got ours at Home Depot – find if it’s available in your area here.
  • You fill your bag according to your own schedule
  • Once the bag is full, you’ll hop online and schedule a collection time.
  • And just like that, your waste is gone!
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The Bagster® bag is big enough to hold full-sized doors, windows, sheets of drywall, etc. and since it can hold up to 3,300 pounds I would suggest placing the bag at your curb before filling it or else you may not be able to move it!

For our home project, our guest bedroom cleaned up really nice and now that our shed is cleaned out too we’re able to store tools and extra wood outside of the house!