Wardrobe Staples for Women: Part 3

Well, three weeks and three posts later we're here in the final round of wardrobe staples and essentials for women. If you missed week one and week two, find them here and here. Today we'll be rounding out the series with three final items my wardrobe would not be complete without. We'll take a look at their fit, styling ideas, early fall and late summer outfits, where to buy and a final roundup of all the pieces I believe are essential to your wardrobe.

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Final Three Items

Dark Wash Denim

I don't think I own a more versatile pair of pants. And while I know the generations of younger women like to virtually mock the "skinny" or "slim" cut of jeans, I personally find them classic and timeless.

Baggy denim, flares, bellbottoms, etc. will all have their moments but historically speaking slim cut jeans have always been considered a classic.

Earlier this year I wrote an entire post on the fit of my favorite pair of denim – the Sezane Slim 7/8ths – filled with important info if you're trying to find a great pair of timeless denim too.

As for their seasonal versatility, I've been able to wear them all year round and picked out a few of my favorite ways to style them for you:

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Black Joggers

When I tell you these joggers from Abercrombie surprised me... that's a bit of an understatement.

These have cemented their status as an essential in my wardrobe as a classy black pant with a bit of a twist. I'm able to wear them, just like my denim, dressed up or with a tee and sneakers and both looks are still wonderfully put together.

They do keep coming in an out of stock on the Abercrombie website and I would recommend choosing your normal size. Also, petite ladies they even have a Short size for you.

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Vegan Leather Sneakers

Oh my Jack Sneakers.

These. Truly these sneakers I could not live without. I bought these in 2018, in New York City, at the Sezane store. Such a special memory.

I walked out of the store, put them on almost immediately and then walked 14 miles. Not a blister in sight. They're comfortable, casual but dressy and, no matter the brand, are only going to wear in beautifully over time.

If you don't want to purchase from Sezane there are lots of other brands who carry similar styles of sneakers:

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Full Wardrobe Essentials List

Obviously, this list doesn't include items like loungewear, accessories, basic shoes, etc. but as far as the items needed to put together wonderful outfits without stressing over what to wear, this list will do the trick.

  1. White tee
  2. Silk tank
  3. Cardigan
  4. Button Down
  5. Sweatshirt
  6. Rain Coat
  7. Nice Dress
  8. Black Dress
  9. Dark Wash Denim
  10. Black Joggers
  11. Vegan Leather Tennis Shoes
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