I always find it difficult in the summer to actually know how to dress. In 80 degree weather - or 90 or 100 degrees – nothing is comfortable unless you're sitting in front of a fan. But as much as I live inside during the hot months, I have to venture out from time to time. So I've slowly been working on bolstering my summer wardrobe over the past two years with classic, comfortable pieces that can last for a few seasons and quite a few washes.

The key for staple summer pieces is all in the fabric. Certain fibers breathe easier than others which can act as a cooling system all on its own. It's why linen and 100% silk looks effortless and breezy. It's because they actually are.

Quality linen and silk garments, however, can be expensive additions to your wardrobe. So my advice to you is to add a piece - a quality, beautiful, timeless piece - to your close every season. Even if it's at the end of the season and you can get it on sale. Overtime you will eventually get that effortless, breezy, cool summer look everyone wants.

Some Brands that Offer Exceptional Linen and Silk Pieces Include:

Top Summer Picks from These Brands

How to Style Jeans in the Summer

Because we all know everyone's favorite way to wear denim is still a viable summer option, here are three ways I've successfully styled jeans in 80+ degree weather without breaking into a sweat.

Outfit Details

A wide-brim hat to keep the sun off

a simple linen tank

light wash denim with a stretch

easy slides

Deniim Summer 2 2
Summer Goodbye 15
Sezane Summer Updated 1

An Elevated Styling of Shorts

Although summer and shorts go hand in hand I've never been too comfortable wearing them. This year, with the trends dropping the length of shorts a bit I've been able to find a few pairs that I actually feel comfortable wearing and styling.

Shorts 8
Boardwalk Shorts 4
Summer Fashion 3

3 Dresses You'll Wear All Year Long

While I love wearing and styling dresses (no I haven't gotten into the nap dress craze) I find it challenging to buy dresses that only cater to the summer. Instead of a summer-specific dress I often opt for an all-season dress that I can style different ways to accommodate the weather - be it hot or chilly.

Sunset Dresses 5
Green Dress 9
Stripe Dress updates 4

A few accessories in your arsenal can also help you know what to wear during 80 degree weather.

  • Always have a hat on hand. From a baseball cap to a straw sun hat, you can ensure the sun won't beat down too hard on your skin with a good hat on hand.
  • Comfortable sandals to let your feet breathe is key. I bought a pair of Birkenstocks at the beginning of summer that I'm never without, but the Sarah Flint Grear Sandals are beautifully constructed for the summer.
  • A camera to capture the beauty of summer. Because as much as I love to complain about the heat, the summer does give us all a bit of an excuse to slow down, savor the time, and capture moments that stick with us.
  • A classy water bottle to keep you hydrated. Reminder: sugar, alcohol, and coffee will dehydrated you.
Summer Mountains 5