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What to Wear in 70 Degree Weather

Finding the perfect outfit for 70 degree weather is a lot like being a Scout: you have to be prepared for anything. Because 70 degree temps always hit during the transition times of the year - spring and fall - the mornings can be jacket weather chilly while the afternoons are made for shorts and Birkenstocks.

Because my What to Wear in 80 Degree Weather post is doing so well in Google I'm continuing the series with a 70 degree outfit suggestion post.

I'll be covering these topics in today's post:

  • casual styles for 70 degrees
  • date night outfits for 70 degrees
  • three hero pieces for transitional weather
  • favorite places to shop for adding transitional garments to your wardrobe

Let's dive in, shall we?

Casual, At Home Outfits for 70 Degree Weather

Depending on how chilly you like to keep your house or how humid your climate is, you might have windows open in the morning then shut everything up for the A/C to kick on in the heat of the afternoon. I tend to keep our house cool so my year-round work from home or casual looks include lots of cozy sweats, elastic waistbands, and oversized sweaters.

But don't let the section title fool you. I don't just wear these outfits at home. No, these are for running errands, coffee shop dates, meeting friends, or working. This category comprises about 60% of my wardrobe and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Outfit One Formula:

Matching set with joggers + tank underneath if I get warm + athletic shoes

This set from Zara is last years so they're sold out, but this matching set and this one is similar and perfect.

Tip: don't go for a fleece or heavy sweatpant material in 70 degree weather. It'll for sure be too hot.

These are my favorite tanks I wear with everything and you can't go wrong in any outfit with these Adidas shoes.

Two Set 1

Outfit Two Formula

Denim + Crewneck Sweatshirt + Sandals + Hat

A baseball hat for cool girl vibes, crewneck sweatshirt for the mornings, denim and sandals is the perfect easy going outfit.

Tip: Drape your sweatshirt around your shoulders in the afternoon when it gets too warm for a very chic look.

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Date Night Outfits for 70 Degree Weather

No need to wear these specifically for date night only. These outfits may work well for a wedding guest outfit, a nice dinner with family, or a trip to the theatre. Whatever your dressier events are during the transition months, theses outfits offer timeless solutions to the age old question: what do I wear?


Dressy outfits for 70 degree weather should embrace the changing of the season - winter into spring or summer into fall - with colors and tones that mimic what's to come. For summer into fall we keep things light in fabrics to combat the lingering heat but play into our desire for chilly evenings and changing leaves with deep reds and dark florals.

If you're heading into spring from winter, lighten up your palette with cool grey tones, soft pinks and dusty blue.

Hero Piece #1 for 70 Degree Weather


No matter the color or style you simply cannot go wrong with a good pair of Birks. I bought my first true pair this past spring and I'm still wearing them religiously well into October.

They're supremely comfortable, clean up well, and go with every casual outfit.

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Hero Piece #2

Grayson Button Down

The hero of versatility, these super soft button downs are incredibly versatile and easy to wear for every season.

Their liquid flannel is super light weight and perfect for wearing in 70 degree temps heading into fall.


Hero Piece #3

Denim Jacket

Easily the most versatile item in my wardrobe, my Madewell denim jacket is worn all four seasons - indoors and out.

Although, they can get a bad rap for being "basic" most of the time if you don't know what to wear it's because you don't have a good selections of basics in your wardrobe. Don't discount them!


Favorite Brands to Shop for Transitional Weather Items