Winter Wardrobe Additions

Continuing with my "additions" theme for the week – you can visit IG Stories over the next few days for a breakdown of all my addition categories – today is all about my wardrobe.

A few of the pieces that I'm deeming additions to my wardrobe were Christmas gifts this year while other were very necessary purchases after a big closet clear out in early January.

I try very hard to be a conscious consumer. As a rule I don't bring anything into my closet without taking a piece out that I no longer wear and with that rule in place I often find myself shopping for a little higher quality, timeless pieces that will last in my wardrobe for at least a few years.

Shop the pieces to the right or continue reading for a full review of the items.

Winter S Kincare 15

Alex Mill Britt Jacket

Known for their impeccable attention to detail and classic styles, I'm no stranger to Alex Mill pieces and am happy to report that I've recently added two new pieces to my wardrobe.

The Britt Jacket is a piece I've had my eye on for a while now. I first tried it on in September in a Dry Goods store in Portland, Maine and I immediately had visions of afternoons in the garden, mild evenings around the campfire, and evening walks after dinner.

It's basically the quintessential chore jacket. But, of course I didn't buy it in the store and of course when I went to look on the website it was sold out for months. A couple days ago, on a whim I checked again and like magic they had restocked one Britt Jacket, Size Small, Color Tan on their site. It was meant to be.

While I don't have this in wardrobe yet, it's an item I've been looking for since September 2021 and I know will get years of wear.

AE Mom Jeans

While I don't think looser fit jeans are here to stay there is a certain charm (and comfort level) to wearing them as an alternative to skinny or slim denim.

Because I do think they're a bit more trendy item, I wasn't willing to spend much money on a pair so I trotted over to the American Eagle website to pull out a few styles that might work.

Surprisingly the first pair I ordered fit perfectly and accomplished exactly the look I was going for. I wear them fairly often now as a fun alternative to skinny jeans - especially if it's a long desk day for me, I find them much more comfortable to sit in.

I purchased the Ripped Mom Jeans in size 4 Short which fit really well right from the jump. They definitely stretch out a bit over the day, but that just adds to the comfy factor.

These jeans have all year long wearability so they'll get plenty of wear even though they're a bit trendier.

Everlane Athletics 5

Everlane 24/7 Perform Leggings and Half Zip

I'm not going to share too much more about these items because I did a full blog post review about them over here, but they were such a good addition to my wardrobe and I wear them almost everyday when I workout or go on our walks.

Even a few weeks and a few washes later, they fit just as well as when I first got them and more importantly they're super easy to move in. Pilates, Barre, Yoga, and cardio workouts are honestly quite a bit easier in these leggings.

IMG 2636 2

Le Bonne Shoppe Socks

These were again a Maine find. We were staying in Rockland and popped into a small shop called Daughters with the BEST curation of women's clothing.

Lee and I are really into quality socks – honestly they're the easiest accessory to upgrade and make such a difference while wearing.

I bought a pair of Le Bon Shoppe Cottage socks in Daughters and since then have been hard pressed to find another brand I like more. Made in Korea, they're a cotton blend but super luxurious and thick. Truly the best socks I've ever worn. I now have three pairs.

Adidas UltraBoost

While I bought these a while ago, I've worn them consistently and they were certainly one of the best personal purchases lately for my wardrobe.

With 2 mile walks a daily occurrence it was necessary to find a new pair of walking/running shoes that could stand up to the pavement day after day. After a few months I have nothing but complements for these shoes and while I know they're not for everyone, I would suggest giving them a try if you're in the market for a new pair of shoes.