A May Recap

I have been quieter on the blog here in May then I have in a long time. I wish I could say it was because 'I was working on a huge project behind the scenes', but in reality it was just a very busy, pretty tough month. Obviously, the month was a heavy one for world and national news and it breaks me to hear story after story of violence and hatred.

So, to catch us all up - let's do a little recap of the month. A little rapid fire catch up so we can put some things behind us and move into a new month tomorrow with a fresh perspective.

What I Did Share:

What I Didn't Share:

  • A anxiety inducing, routine doctor's appointment that made me take a very serious look at my health and my diet.
  • Our A/C was on the verge of breaking down - it does every summer – but thankfully we got a great technician in who fixed the problem before it fully broke.
  • 2 trips in addition to New York – I went to Florida, my husband was in San Francisco, and then we got the call his grandmother had passed away so last weekend we were in Indiana and Illinois for a funeral. (we were only home a total of 9 days in the month of May)
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Some Things I've Been Loving This Month:

Although it was very difficult to have any sort of routine in May, among the chaos, there was joy found in small things.

  • YouTube playlists and Ambient Worlds mixes. this playlist has been on repeat for me.
  • Disney live steams – ok, ok, so this is niche content, but my family and I are huge Disney people. I'm not a Disney adult per se, but it is a place I associate with magic and happiness and escape. So, on my low days when it's very difficult for me to break out of my own head, I watch a Disney vlog or live stream and get transported to the magic. It helps. I've found that with anxiety you embrace what helps.
  • Smoothies every single morning. I don't have a recipe I follow but I basically pack it full of everything that is healthy: berries, oatmeal, cashew milk, fresh ginger, turmeric tablets, elderberry, spinach, banana, and walnuts typically. I have a few posts on some food changes I've been making coming up if you're interested and these smoothies have been so delicious!
  • Sauna House in Asheville, NC. If Disney is my escape, Sauna House is my happy place. It's a hot/cold therapy bath house that does wonders for mental health, circulation, vascular health, immune response, etc. We just were there yesterday and to say we detoxed from the month is an understatement. If you're in the area, don't sleep on Sauna House.
  • Talentless Shorts – Lee and I are both obsessed with our pairs of Talentless shorts. They're the comfiest, but also very versatile shorts we own. And we have not previously been shorts wearing individuals.
  • Forgetting About Instagram & TikTok for a While – when I say my routine was off, it was to the point that I just about forgot social media existed. I didn't even get fed up with the platforms and quit, they honestly just fell off my radar as apps to click and places to visit. I guess I took an unintentional break, but really I didn't even remember they existed for a time.
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What I'm Looking Forward To In June

  • embracing summer fun and activities for the first time since maybe childhood. Lee and I just don't naturally love the summer heat, but this year we have shifted our mindset and are choosing to embrace summer and all it has to offer.
  • being home for an entire month. I do love to travel, but I don't love to do it consistently. I love my home and my routines and eating healthy and everything that comes with Home. Thankfully, we have no plans for June except maybe some pool days or lake days.
  • getting a new bed for our room. so, it may come in July, but end of June is the projected time at the moment! 6 years ago before we got married, Lee bought a nice queen bed that has served us well this whole time, but we realized that a king bed is ultimately what we wanted to switch to ( Lee is 6'6" after all) and a queen was just getting a little squishy. I can't wait to share the new plans for our bedroom.
  • wrapping up some house projects and starting to work on ones that will make a big impact like some landscaping and garden upgrades.
  • getting back into reading. I managed to finish a couple books, but I cannot wait to have a chance to sit down in the evenings with a cup of tea and a good book.