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April Inspired Desktop Backgrounds

As another calendar page turns, we find ourselves faced with spring and all of her glory. For some it means a gentle easing into warmer weather, longer days, and faces full of freckles; tan lines, laundry dried from the heat of the sun, crisp salads, blooming flowers, beautiful and quiet moments.

Of course, the idyllic moments of spring often happen so few and far between in this wild world, but for a moment, let yourself step into the alternate reality of a blissful, beautiful season.

Below you'll find:

  • desktop and iPhone backgrounds to turn your tech into a spring festival
  • playlists suited for the season
  • a cardigan for every spring moment
  • 3 salads to make for dinner
  • a preview of what's to come on Some Pretty Thing for spring

Inspired by sage greens, blooming roses, and fresh starts.

Vintage Floral Desktop Wallpaper

Spring Playlists

When I have a full day of desk work I rarely think about playing music but instead comb through my favorite Ambient Worlds 8+ hour videos on YouTube and have beautiful, ambient noise, music, etc. playing in the background.

Depending on your mood, I've picked a few of my favorites for spring:

Extra Spotify Playlist:

The internet's favorite expat and photographer Jamie Beck has the best Provence Work Music playlist on Spotify full of modern music, classical music, and just a beautiful mix of beautiful music to work to.

In this post a couple weeks ago, I talked about a new arrival from Everlane The Cloud Cardigan and now I want to make sure it has the proper time to shine.

I've been reaching for this cardigan over and over this spring. It has a perfectly cropped length, sweet details like a subtle puff sleeve, is so soft on the body, and not overly warm for sunny spring days.

Currently, the cardigan is on Final Sale at Everlane and I'm considering buying a second one to have because it's just so good.

Shop the Outfit on LTK

Choose a trench with an oversized silhouette if you want to be slightly more trendy 2
Mediterranean Chicken and Farro Salad 4
Arugula Berry Salad 5
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Let's Talk About a SPT Spring

As the year of "new normals" keeps marching along, I've found myself busier than I had initially expected, which is a bit of a change from the last two years where we were all tucked into our homes unsure about the future, but living a slow and quiet life.

There's nothing wrong with being busy. It just takes getting used to again. This spring we have a couple fun trips planned – back to NYC for the first time since 2018! – down to Florida to visit family and likely a Charleston trip snuck in there too.

So you can expect some travel content on the blog soon along with a healthy mix of gardening, cooking, and minimal wardrobe content as well. As I work to create a platform that is truly educational and inspirational for my readers, I'll be working on a few housekeeping areas and getting some new, exciting platforms off the ground to add to the overall experience.

If you're new here, welcome to a Some Pretty Thing spring – you can always expect fresh and relevant content here on the blog, but be sure to follow along on Pinterest, Instagram, LTK, YouTube, and TikTok for more content!