What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather

Today I'm continuing my fashion series on what to wear in different kinds of weather. The first two installments I shared last summer focused on what to wear in 80 degree weather and what to wear in 70 degree weather. Plus a post last fall on a Rainy Day Capsule wardrobe and my staples for embracing rainy days.

Since we're in the middle of spring, this 60 degree capsule wardrobe of sorts is going to focus on spring dressing when the middle of the day reaches the 60s. Most spring days in South Carolina start chilly and end warm, so we'll include a good mix of layers, cozy clothes, casual outfits and a few dressier options.

This won't be a true capsule collection, but since my clothing philosophy is all about fewer but better, the options here will be curated and selective, with most of the pieces items I already own or are looking to purchase in the next few months.

Read on to Discover:

  • The pieces you'll need to create versatile 60 degree day outfits
  • How to style those pieces into multiple looks
  • Brands to shop and where to purchase pieces
  • A special segment on shopping secondhand

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How to Style The Pieces for 60 Degree Weather

About the Classics

One of the strangest parts about spring is how many seasons you can experience in a single day.

Right now, our nights get down into the 30s then could warm up into the high 60s/70s throughout the day but once the sun sets it's back into the 40s.

To circumvent dressing too warm or too chilly in the spring, layers are key. I love trench coats for their classic style and versatile function.

Pair them with anything from leggings to trousers and it instantly kicks the class up a notch. Plus the longer length gives a little extra warmth in the mornings and evenings without needing a full puffer coat.

Choose a trench with an oversized silhouette if you want to be slightly more trendy

Styling a Sweatshirt Dress

Since we're all so used to cozy sweats and athleisure, why not step up the game with a sweatshirt dress, sporty sneakers and the it bag of the season from Lululemon?

Wear this look to a Saturday market, Sunday afternoon walk, park date, grocery store run, or sitting at your desk working away.

The sweatshirt material will keep you warm and if the afternoon sun gets too hot simply switch out the sneakers for sandals.


Taking It Dressier

If you're back in the office, in a business or business casual setting, you may be needing a few inspired looks for your 8-5.

Trousers are super stylish at the moment thanks to the resurgence of 90s fashion and fashion's It Girl Matilda Djerf, so your options won't be limited. I've see so many excellent images of tan trousers for women being integrated into everything from street style to fashion week and I'm sure you can find something in your price range.

I just picked up this pair from Everlane as well to see how they can integrate in my wardrobe so I'll keep you updated.


Toeing the Line

Between dressy and casual, you can do no wrong with a sweet cardigan/chelsea boot/denim combination.

Wear the cardigan solo for a breezier look or layer it if the day is going to be chilly. Opt for a blouse that has some details you love like a ballon sleeve, ruffled front, or peter pan collar so you feel comfortable wearing it on its own with other outfits.

And just a note on shoes: chelsea boots are truly some of the most versatile shoes I own. I replace mine every 2-3 years because I get so much wear out of the year over year. I actually wear them a lot in the summer with shorts or dresses, but if they're not your style you can opt for similar shoes that do just as much:


An Unexpected Pairing

This look came to me after purchasing a cropped grey sweatshirt and wearing it for 4 days straight. (we all do it)

I was wondering how else I could style the piece with items besides leggings, denim or shorts and my black ribbed midi dress came to mind.

Again, the perfect look for running errands, shopping, weekend brunch even if you're going for a sporty look. It's that mix of cool girl Kendell Jenner with Sporty Spice and I think we can all agree this looks like the comfiest option for a spring day.

Pair it again with the Lululemon Belt Bag because man is that thing versatile!


Cozy Chic

Alex Mill cardigans are my absolute favorite for year-long wear. They are chic without being fiddly if you know what I mean.

They're just very sturdy, keep their shape, keep you cozy and have an amazing ability to add a bit of polish to your look.

I've been diving into the sweater with shorts look recently but another option is the joggers or leggings with cardigan style. I like the unexpectedness of a cardigan with athleisure - there are no rules any more so it's perfectly fine to wear what feels like you.


My Favorite Brands to Shop for Spring Staples

  • Alex Mill - cardigans
  • Everlane – classic pieces with an updated twist
  • Sezane – dresses
  • & Other Stories – affordable feminine pieces
  • J Crew – classic pieces like a trench coat
  • Margeaux – shoes
  • Lululemon/ Adidas – athleisure
  • Reformation – dresses and über feminine pieces like floral corset tops
  • H&M - for basics like tee shirts
10x10 Spring 3
Kihels 10
Everlane Outfit Spring 12

Shopping Secondhand for Spring Treasures

I've always been a thrift store shopper, Goodwill hunter, secondhand site sifter. I had some insanely unique clothing items in high school and college because that's where 95% of my clothes came from. Back in the day it wasn't super cool to thrift, but it's definitely become more mainstream these days. Shopping secondhand is a great way to reduce our personal carbon footprint and also save a lot of money.

We don't have the best clothing thrift stores in Greenville, but I've found amazing success both selling pieces online and purchasing like new, quality items for a fraction of the cost.

  • Poshmark
  • ThredUp
  • Vinted
  • Ebay
  • The RealReal
  • Vestiaire Collective