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Comfortable House Shoes for Spring

Thank you to Stegmann for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own.

We are not and never have been a "no shoes in the house" household. I know, I know the opinions on this are strong. Arguments like "why track outside dirt into your house?" and "that's super unsanitary" make valid points but for whatever reason we've never adapted to outside shoes versus inside shoes.

But, I do have inside shoes that I wear constantly if I'm not going out of the house for the day. They're supportive, comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to style and I may have worn them by accident a few times out and about because I love them that much! The Stegmann Eco Clogs first seen on the blog here are a treat to wear. Today, I wanted to follow up on my blog post from almost a year ago and share my continuing thoughts on the Stegmann Eco Clogs.

Interested in Shopping the Stegman Eco Clogs?

Visit their website to discover and shop the Eco Clogs for men and women and their other styles of beautiful and comfortable shoes for all season.

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Quick Facts About the Stegmann Eco Clogs

  • fit slightly large and has stretched *slightly* over the past 9 months of constant wear
  • either get your true size or go a half size down
  • comes in 5 beautiful, natural colors - I'm wearing the color Shetland
  • the wool is sustainably sourced and is minimally processed!
  • each cork sole is anatomically shaped for the best and most comfortable fit for your feet and back
  • made in Austria

Shop the Eco Clogs for Women

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So What Makes the Stegmann Eco Clog Different?

After wearing these shoes constantly for almost a year, I have some thoughts. Some notes if you will on a few different features of the shoe.

  • Style-abilityhow comfortable do I feel popping them on with any outfit?
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Intangibleshow happy am I with the company ethos, manufacturing practices, sustainability? Does that matter to me?

Let's start with style. Now, since these are my house shoes, you might wonder why the emphasis on fashion. Well, I fancy myself a bit of a fashion girlie and although there are some days where I look a bit less put together on a whole I do love feeling put together even if I'm working from home all day. So shoes that are versatile, style-wise, is important to me. And these have passed the versatile style test with flying colors.

No matter the outfit, they just work. From dresses to athleisure I feel confident in these house shoes and wouldn't be ashamed to answer the door if the King of England came knocking - as he's likely to do at some point. See below for a few different ways I'm styling my Stegmann Eco Clogs these days.

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Eco Clogs Comfort

Stegmann is absolutely known for their comfort shoes. And for good reason. Each shoe has a design to focus on both lower back and spine health - which is amazing for how I wear the shoes: inside and on hardwood floors. The Eco Clogs have a cork sole which is perfect for being a blend of supportive and also comfy to stand on.

Eco Clogs Quality

Like I mentioned previously, I have had my pair for almost a year now and they have held up beautifully. The only review I have of them is that the wool has slightly started to get a little fuzzy. Fuzzy might be the wrong word. It's not even that they're starting to pill, but I can tell, much like a high quality wool sweater, that's it's not quite brand new anymore. It's actually a look I prefer as it gives a beautiful, lived-in quality that looks so pretty styled.

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Eco Clogs Intangibles

From their material sourcing practices to their manufacturing processes, every time I slip on my Stegmann clogs I'm reminded why it's worth supporting small brands that get it right.

There is so much information on their website about what makes Stegmann and specifically the Eco Clogs different. My pair of Eco Clogs are made from a rare breed of Scottish sheep and a percentage of the sale goes to help preserve the breed and wool collection practices in a safe and sustainable way.

They also have a less is more mantra and design all their shoes to last for years to come which means you can buy less but better.

Beyond the Eco Clogs there are a few other styles on their site that I think are so versatile and cute. The Maria Mule is coming soon and would be absolutely perfect for a summer garden shoe and the Emma Slide Sandal is an instant classic.