Our Moody Green Living Room Reveal

We've been living in our house 2 years now! If you're new here, Lee and I bought a 1979 brick Cape Cod house in Greenville, SC that needed . . . a lot of love. It honestly still needs a lot of love, but good things are always created slowly.

This year's big project was one we had been itching to do last year and the year before: custom built-in bookcases/fireplace in our living room. The before photos of this living room space are interesting to say the least. There was painted wood paneling on the walls, a dominating brick hearth to hold a wood-burning stove and it was all yellow.

Not so much our ideal living room style.

Screen Shot 2021 07 20 at 10 13 35 AM
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Before moving in we had our contractor take out half of the brick wall - originally we were thinking about keeping or doing something with the half brick – and we had the floors and ceilings done. We also ripped off the paneling and painted the walls. Then other projects - like the kitchen - took priority and we moved in with the space looking livable, but a little odd.

IMG 0191
Screen Shot 2021 07 20 at 11 07 17 AM

We originally had the idea for the space to be a brushed concrete - built up and around the half brick wall.

But, we were a little too impetuous and the end result / functionality was lacking to say the least. But it looked better than the brick so we left it for about a year and a half.

During that time we planned out our ideal idea for the space with 3D renderings and all.

Screen Shot 2021 07 20 at 11 09 42 AM

The end result was exactly what we imagined. We needed depth and warmth in the room since our kitchen is white and grey and it's all an open concept space. Lee did 99% of the work himself and as someone with only a little woodworking experience, it's so impressive he built everything himself.

L Living Room Reveal 4
L Living Room Reveal 1
L Living Room Reveal 9
L Living Room Reveal 2
L Living Room Reveal 8
L Living Room Reveal 3

I can't say this was a budget project or an easy one. It took about 4 months of working through it all and at the end cost about $4,000. But still, was waaayyy cheaper than hiring a contractor and craftsman to build and install everything from the bookcases to the fireplace.

We are absolutely in love with the space and I find myself staring at the bookcases filled with some of most loved possessions – books – and just being mesmerized by the stories that now fill up our walls.

As best as I can remember I listed a sources guide below with colors, where we got different items, etc.

L Living Room Reveal 9
L Living Room Reveal 4

Source List